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Tinder Gold - Reviewed

Launched in the UK in June, Tinder Gold is a subscription service add-on to the good old existing Tinder app which we all know and love. This service allows you to preview who has swiped right or "liked" your profile before you swipe them in a handy grid feature which piles up on the left hand side of your screen like a boy-buffet 

"'Think of it as your personal Swipe Right concierge - available 24/7 - bringing all of your pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail and and browse through profiles at your Leisure" - Tinder 

The service also claims to get you in front of more users in less time and enables you to change your location so that if you are planning a trip you can pre-determine matches. Now, I don't exactly huddle in a corner, knawing my fingernails in anticipation of a match, every time I right-swipe but for some people it is genuinely nerve-racking to indicate interest in someone. Even from behind the relative safety of a screen. So I gave it a go for one week to see how the new, improved and rather pricey addition to our digital dating world measures up. 

My Right-Swipers 
The people Tinder Gold revealed as having right-swiped, "liked" and generally indicated an interest in me on the app

An old friends boyfriend - I'm going to go ahead and assume that they split up in the interim years where we lost contact. Either that or he's even more of an arsehole then I suggested at the time of our friendship? 

Lots and lots and lots of old dudes. Serves me right for having my age range set between 26-48. Now I do love a Silver fox but I feel like a few of them may have been stretching the truth a little here. I'm pretty sure one of them had a zimmer frame in one of the shots but it may have been some sort of elaborate sex trapeze which I'm obviously too young and naive to know about 

Men that I know/have met in real life. Maybe it's just me but if I knew someone in real life and saw them on tinder I'd probably just drop them a Facebook message or a text or get a mutual friend to put in a good word. Remove the whole dating app element of the equation all together 

Men from my gym. I subscribe to the "Don't shit where you eat" rule, or in this case "Don't shit where you sweat." They obviously don't. As someone that briefly forgot this rule and had a disastrous liaison with a neighbour the last thing I want is a similar situation at my gym. It's awkward enough putting the bins out or popping to the corner shop 

A few of my Significant Exes friends. Now I was far too weirded out to swipe right on these guys simply due to the connection so the fact that they right-swiped me is strange. I'm going to go with the excuse that they probably didn't make the connection from me to him rather than that men have zero bro-code... 

A very Non-Significant Ex that I loathe - I would love to say that this didn't make me rub my hands together like a bond villan but I'd be lying. The petty glow of satisfaction knowing that he'd right-swiped me didn't wear off too quickly. I basked in it so hard that I think I got mild tan

A guy that I had already pied off  in real life (politely declined) Glutton for punishment mate? 

Predominantly I was just getting a lot of likes from guys 200 miles+ away which doesn't surprise me as I live in town where there are a lot of people travelling in and out for business and leisure and good old pleasure

Overall The "who likes you" feature is the only interesting thing about the Tinder Gold subscription and this only works if you have a standard setting on who see's your profile. I much prefer having a hidden profile, shown only to those that I right-swipe. I'm dreading the next night out in my home town where I'll probably get recognised by a few people as "that up-herself bitch that didn't swipe back" - sincerest apologies to my unwitting human lab-rats. Unfortunately the incentive of seeing who had swiped me first just isn't enough to warrant giving up the small amount of privacy I had afforded myself on the app. The Passport incentive wasn't really enough of a pull to me either as this is already available on Tinder Plus. I can see why this location change feature would be great for those of us moving about for work but I tend to stay in the same general area with the exception of when I went to Edinburgh and even then I quickly lost interest in my tinder matches once I'd stepped off the plane and spotted the nearest bar. Gin trumps men. Personally and from a purely female perspective I think paying £12.99 a month for this service for anything other than journalistic curiosity is a waste of money. Stick to the basic service where the disappointment in our ever degenerating human race is at least free of charge

Have you tried Tinder Gold? What did you think?

The views expressed in this post are my own personal experience. This post is not endorsed or sponsored, please see my Disclaimer for more details 


  1. Interesting! I was with Adam before the Tinder generation really took off so I've never had it, but I do find it highly amusing to use other peoples - probably as it comes then without any ties for me personally! However, I did meet Adam on POF, so I am still an advocate of online dating as without chatting on there, there's pretty much no way we'd have ever met in person! Alice xxx

    1. I've not ventured back onto POF yet, to be honest I'm pretty rubbish at these dating apps and generally only do a short stint every few weeks. You two are so flippin adorable though that one might be tempted! Prince Charming where are you?


  2. My attention was caught up not by the title but by the tattoo on that girl's arm :) I know this is silly but now I want to get myself the same one :) And speaking about Tinder Gold - I haven't tried it yet but I am looking forward to doing so, thanks for sharing.

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