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The British Fireworks Championships with Island Challenger Tours

Photographed using my Olympus EPL7 camera and M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8 Macro Lens

Last night was a another one of those "I'm so lucky" moments, I've been having a few of them lately since I resolved to live my life to the absolute fullest by smiling more, booking trips and saying YES to the opportunities which would have ordinarily elicited a "No," "Maybe" or usually a "Meh" response. It was saying "yes" to the wonderful team at Island Challenger Tours which saw me bobbing around in the Plymouth sound after the sun had sunk slowly into the sea and the British Fireworks Championships began overhead. Camera in hand and a silly grin on my face at the beautiful novelty of it all

Fireworks have always made me happy but almost always before now I have observed them reflected in the bright eyes of someone I loved rather than through my own. I cannot recall a time when I have watched those bright, loud bangs without someone elses hand in mine or without a strong arm around my shoulders. As part of a couple and not in this new, unfamiliar singular state. Being alone, at least in relationship status, on a boat and watching something so arguably romantic should have made me feel sad. But it didn't. That's the thing about your entire life falling apart, you get to build it back up again. Stronger. Better. You get to throw the broken pieces away and put new ones in. New challenges, new opportunities, new mindsets. You get to be happy again because it's just you now and it's up to you to make sure that happens. Honestly and surprisingly when I sat under the stars, surrounded by new friends and with my camera in hand I didn't feel the sadness that I had expected, I didn't experience the loneliness that I had braced myself for. I felt free and happy, not one half of a whole but content to be the sum total 

Island Challenger is a 10m Cobra rib boat powered by twin mercury Verado 275hp supercharged engines making her the the most powerful rib in the southwest. Island Challenger tours run daily trips out to Plymouth breakwater, around Drakes Island and up river. If you'd like to book a trip with them then click the link below to visit their Facebook page  


  1. I am a huge firework lover, I'm literally like a big kid when I'm watching them! We had a brilliant view from the Citadel, so I can only imagine from the water it was spectacular! Alice xxx


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