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My New Home - Living Room

Homewares and home styling has always been real passion of mine. I go through cycles where I am the most sociable person in world, a party girl, spinning and laughing and seeming like she'll never stop, never slow down, wobble, topple over. But then I have my quiet periods too, where I prefer the company of books to stangers in busy bars. In so many ways I am a whirlwind of contradictions and inconsistency, always too little of this for some people and far too much of that for others. In my home, at least, I can be myself. In whatever form that may take that day, that hour, that minute.

When I made the decision to move into my flat a few months ago, I chose to focus on creating a calm and welcoming space that would provide a safe haven during the most turbulent time of my life. It may seem superficial to dedicate my thoughts to the selection of Side Tables and Cushions when my entire future seems entirely directionless but that is what I have chosen to do for the meantime and not for the always. I see it very much as forward planning, as I will need to process all that has happened this past year and I will need a safe and welcoming space to cohesively do so. I'll need a Sofa to lie on to make lists and plans, a Lamp to read beneath when I need a quiet moment of escapism. Candles. Lots of Candles to burn while I breath deeply and attempt to assert a calm over myself which I do not always feel, pulling it over me like a cosy throw. I'll need a Rug to lie curled up on when my anxiety hits from time to time and I become a small wounded animal. I know that I must play dead until it leaves again. From that soft cocoon I'll need artwork to look at, photographs and uplifting quotes. I will need plants, hundreds of plants to remind me that life goes on and that the world is still beautiful even when it being turned upside-down for me. I'll need a small tray of trinkets on my upcycled coffee table, reminders of trips taken and memories made which will inspire me to push on. I've even purchased a small Bar Cart a modest little thing, in the hopes that I'll have something to celebrate with friends one day very soon. Perhaps it won't be long before we are all together again, sitting around my Dining Table laughing and joking, optimism filling the air. It's almost here, I can feel it. I think that that will be all the proof I need that my escape hatch, my life-raft has finally become my home. That my future, whilst uncertain is still resolutely set to fill to the brim with memories, like that Trinket Dish on the table

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