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Being a self confessed food snob and gym bunny does not stop me from enjoying the odd treat from the golden arches. Everything in moderation and hot salty fries for when I'm sad, cold, happy, bored, tired or pretty much anytime because they are my weakness. A couple of weeks ago a group of us were invited to tour the newly refurbish McDonalds restaurant on New George Street and we discovered that there is a lot more to the Golden Arches than meets the eye and the mouth. Here are some things you may not have known about #YourNewMcDonalds


As part of the event we got to tour the Mcdoanlds kitchen, now we've all heard tall-tales about how the kitchens are "greasy" and that the food is beak and unmentionable but I can now say from personal experience that thats just not the case at all. The kitchen environment was clean, ordered and very cleverly designed. Most surfaces are heated to ensure your food stays warm, state-of-art timer controlled warming trays keep your food fresh and a tiny conveyor belt carries your big mac from the kitchen to your tray in seconds. Cool huh?

Self Service

At the event I joked about the people who used these machines to order a single slick of cheese when they were first released, jokes aside these machines making ordering tricky menu variations a dream. You can customise your order easily and remove the elements you don't like, rendering the "Gherkins - Love them or Hate them" dilemma obsolete. These machine are also a great way for speech challenged people to order the food they love without the worry and stress of having to convey their order to a server in a busy restaurant, encouraging inclusiveness

Table Service

McDonalds now offer Table service in all of their updated stores, meaning that ordering for a big party is now a breeze which makes a visit to McDonalds feel like more of a restaurant experience. This service works really well in combination with the Self-Service checkouts where you can select the "Table Service" option and take a plastic number to your seat which has a clever little tracking chip inside so the staff know where to bring your meal


Aside from the food we need to talk about the drinks, or specifically the coffee. McDonalds is buying Rainforest Alliance Coffee, investing in sustainable farming, supporting small-holder farms in central america and strengthening the villages around those farms with community initiatives. The coffee in your McDonalds cup is 100% Arabica, the sweeter, softer and all round tastier alternative to the traditionally used Robusta bean and that is why your morning cup tastes so great whilst comparing so favourably in value to competitor brands.

Community Initiatives

McDonalds have always had a prevalent national and international charity remit, including the  Ronald McDonald house charities scheme for which I have been personally grateful for over the past 3 years during my daughters hospital stays. As well as these large scale projects, the local stores also have their own grassroots schemes. These include sponsoring local children's sporting teams and organising community litter picks to rid the beaches and fields of rubbish around Plymouth


During our tour we were each given our very own McDonalds apron cap and badge and it was during the donning of our new uniforms that we learnt that McDonalds recycle every single old uniform into brand new ones, cutting down on contributions to the disposable textiles cycle. McDonalds have an incredible recycling initiative where every delivery truck returns to depot full of recyclable materials, cutting down on unnecessary journeys and pollution for their lorries. Even the used cooking oil is recycled into Biodiesel which saves over 7,500 tonnes of CO2 every year. Overall McDonalds aims  to be recycling and reusing 100% of it's materials by 2020

I don't know about you but I just had a lot of my pre-conceptions about McDonalds changed for the better, it was a fantastic opportunity to look beyond the brand and to the real stories and individuals inside the building, proving that just like everything else you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover

This is a collaborative post with Mcdonalds, please see my Disclaimer for more details 


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