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Why I won't be celebrating my blogs 4th birthday

Kinda clickbait, kinda not. This month marks the third anniversary of my blog, three whole years I've been documenting my thoughts on this small corner of the internet and recently, gradually and seemingly all at once, the novelty has worn off for me 

When I first started my blog no one really blogged, at least not in the city I'm from, and the admission of doing so usually elicited a quizzical head tilt rather than the disparaging eye rolls I get these days. "Blogger" has become a dirty word. In the years since I began my blog I've been lucky enough to see a real growth in the number bloggers local to me. We meet up regularly, network and support one another and that's great. But the reflected growth of the blogging industry as a whole has not always been received so positively by me. Blogging is a big business, too big for it's boots it would seem and what I haven't enjoyed quite as much is the slow but definitive decline of blogging into something so competitive and pressured that sometimes I feel all the joy has been sucked out of it, like the last sad balloon at the party

Alongside that a lot of things have changed for me personally, I've found my life spinning off it's intended trajectory recently, as promises and plans for the future have been crunched underfoot like the autumn leaves. But I'm ready for change now and fresh green shoots of possibility have been popping up out of the frost. Opportunities are everywhere for me at the moment, the kind of opportunities that I know will ultimately pull me away from the time I would otherwise dedicate to creating content for my blog

At the same time I cannot shake this feeling that it seems rather ungrateful of me to turn my back on my blog. The little website that I started three years ago catapulted me to where I am now, working in fashion and digital marketing despite not having a formal qualification in either. Managing brands, advising start-ups and freelancing for businesses and tech-developers has all come off the back of the hard work and dedication that I put into this little blog of mine. This blog allowed me the freedom to support myself and to maintain forward momentum in my career when I took two years off work to care for my daughter. Creating, maintaining and promoting my blog meant that I didn't end up sliding back down the career ladder, a fate that sadly, inevitably and completely unjustly, seems the fate of all  women who step away from the workplace to have children. These days my career is flying and it sits snugly, comfortingly,, in second place behind the time I dedicate to my beautiful daughter. And that's it. Those are my priorities and it seems, simply, that there is no more spare time in the bank. I no longer have a regular budget of time that can be frivolously spent on blogging. Perhaps just the odd splurge now and then. The odd treat to myself, a few hours where I can put forward the creative energy it takes to produce the high-quality content that I will always continue to pride myself on

I'm not saying that I'm quitting blogging but it's continued presence in my life is no longer a certainty and that's something I never thought I would say. I now foresee a time where I will no longer even identify as a "blogger." Particuarly not, if more and more mud continues to stick to the term.  Some people want to be the stars of the show, the full-time bloggers extraordinaire! Others are happy with a supporting role . Personally I'm enjoying my new, strange life where my blog has taken a backseat, where plans have fallen apart and just as quickly been glued back together again with an ambition and a creative energy that cannot be quashed. No matter where it is directed and where that direction will take me, I'll forever be grateful to my blog. Happy Birthday - what a wonderful three years we've had together 


  1. This post actually made me feel quite emotionally Milly! It's so beautifully written, and even though you don't post as often as you used to, everytime you do I still cling onto every word. All that matters at the end of the day is that you're happy <3 And I think you are. Georgie - As You Wish UK xxxx

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