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The Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall

Regular viewers of my Instagram stories will have noted that recently I was invited to try out the new luxury Gaia Spa and Gym set within the grounds of the Boringdon hall hotel. Which sits just outside of Plymouth. The Gaia Spa promotes personal, natural wellbeing in a relaxed and scenic space which leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated from the moment you step through it's doors. Whether you're visiting the day spa or embarking on an overngight break, it's the perfect place to centre yourself and find balance in a world where we are often rushing and hurrying from one task to the next   

The Gaia Spa Ethos -  Gaia is the ancient goddess of nature “Mother Earth” and Mother Gaia is a healing Goddess. It's believed that true wellness requires us to return to the cradle of mother nature and live in accordance with natural laws, but in modern times this has become increasingly difficult. Gaia Spa provides the time and the space to focus on your wellness, naturally

The Spa and Treatments 

The beautifully tranquil spa area boasts a infinity pool, a luxury hydrotherapy pool with an outdoor swimthrough, a Finnish and Laconium sauna, two herbal steam rooms and an ice shower experience. It's the perfect place to spend a few hours or a full day, relaxing on the loungers and alternating between the spa experiences 

The Spa also offers a wide range of treatments from massages, wraps and scrubs to manicures, pedicures and facials 

See the full list here

The Gym and Equipment

Motivation for the gym is often sluggish after the colder winter months, the notion of a fitter, healthier you is calling but your brain is conditioned into hibernation after months of cold weather, comfort food, jumpers. Having a beautiful and welcoming gym helps, one that has all of the latest up-to-date equiptment including virtual reality, 100 television channels and email access. One that provides complimentary bottles of water and cooled towels is even better, especially for the the mornings when your brain hasn't quite woken up yet and you are likely to forget to bring your own 

Gaia prides itself on total wellness and offers a range of classes as well as one to one personal training. Almost all of the equipment has Disabled Access too, meaning that wellness can be universal, without limits 

 My Gym Essentials

The Spatisserie Menu 

The Spatisserie offers a light and airy space with views across Dartmoor, it provides the perfect environment for socialising in groups or relaxing alone before and after your treatments. The menu is a perfect mix between indulgence and nourishment starting at just £5.50 per dish. Breakfast options range from Buckwheat waffles to Smoke Salmon Blini and Lunch conjures offerings from the sea, farm and land including Noodle broth with Salmon, Lamb flatbread or seasonal, hearty salads

There is also a grazing menu featuring lighter salads and pasta dishes 

Afternoon Tea 

The Spatisserie also offers a beautifully decadent afternoon tea with a champagne option. I treated my mum to this option for mothers day and we were not disappointed. The selection of avocado and chicken toasts, crayfish brioches and freshly baked, still warmed scones sat beautifully alongside the selection of delicate cakes and macarons. It's a wonderful setting for an afternoon tea and the quality of both the food and the service was exemplary

Afternoon Tea - £21pp
Champagne Afternoon Tea - £30pp 


All in all I would thoroughly recommend the Gaia Spa at Boringdon. It's the perfect place to find balance and calm, to reconnect and to indulge and pamper as we move through the seasons towards summer  

Visit the Gaia Spa Website


  1. I seriously need to get myself down here to try it out, I love nothing more than an afternoon tea, and what better way to enjoy it after a gym and spa session! Alice xxx

  2. Gaia looks gorgeous... I'm on my to this local utopia on Saturday - and your post definitely tickles my Afternoon Tea fancy.

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