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Spring has finally, decisively sprung and if you're anything like me you'll be eyeing your winter wardrobe with distaste, eager to pack away the heavy coats and knits that you held a similar excitement for back in October. The highstreet is currently bursting with pastels, brights, pops of colour, patterns and good old Gingham. Yes, Gingham, the stuff of school uniforms and sundresses has had a big-girl makeover for Spring 2017. It's everywhere, on everyone, a sure sign of a spring staple. But how do you decide which key-pieces are right for you as we emerge from winter and into the sunshine season? It's all so tempting, so easy to get swept along in the promise of springtime, new beginnings and whole new wardrobe. Here are my tips for maintaining calm and balance when the promise of 'New" is everywhere 

How avoid to the Spring Impulse Buy

What do I have at home that is similar?

By all means if you have a signature style then go ahead and buy it. But don't buy duplicates of things you barely wear, you'll just have twice as many unloved items hanging in your wardrobe

Is it similar? Or is it the Same? Do you really need two of these?

Come on. How similar is it? Do you really need two? Recently I bought two red, floral tea dresses. I didn't think before clicked "add to basket" and they're basically the same dress. Although I do like the style I should really have branched out a bit and bought one of the other colour varieties to give myself more options

How likely is it to go on sale?

Some things you just KNOW will never ever go on sale or will sell out very quickly and by all means SNAP THEM UP but if you're anything like me and fall in love with quirky, the unusual and the downright ugly then it's a pretty safe bet that whatever it is will still be sitting on the shelf in a  couple of weeks sporting a big red 50% off label. Patience 

What could you wear it with?

If the answer is nothing then put it back because you'll either have to spend more money buying things to go with it or it will just sit in your wardrobe unworn and unloved.

Where will I wear this?

Dressing for the life I have was one of my Six Fashion and Styling Goals for 2017 if you want to buy something a little bit fancy then make sure you have a specific event in mind, don't just buy it and hope one crops up because by the time one does you'll have forgotten all about this little impulse buy 


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  1. New Look really do have the gingham trend bang on this year! I love a check print and some of these pieces are just lovely! Alice xxx

  2. Absolutely loving gingham this spring! Also some very handy tips on this post and a well written post all round! Enjoyed reading every line. Xx

  3. I actually loved this post!! I love the fashion posts that actually have substance to them instead of just loads of pictures and a few words. This had the perfect mix. Loved it!



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