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Top TV recommendations for a cosy Saturday night in with Panasonic

In association with the lovely folks at Panasonic and their brand spanking new Panasonic HDR 4K TV I've decided to give you my top 10 TV recommendations so you can spend a cosy evening in front of the TV without that endless struggle of channel hopping. Here are the films and series I've been loving recently and I know you'll love them too

The O.A

As one of those annoying people that likes to scour the internet for plot spoilers before even pressing play on Episode One, The O.A was so absolutely gripping that I still had my hands over my eyes shouting at the TV when I knew exactly what was going to happen. If you like science-fiction flicks that make you really THINK then you'll love this series which focuses on angels, alternative universes and the concept of the afterlife


I know it seems kind of trendy to drag Lena Dunham at the moment but I have a real heartfelt affection for her series, Girls. Yes it is depicted from a white privileged viewpoint and I do genuinely hope that Lena takes that criticism into whatever she creates next but the overall realism of it just makes me want to stand up on my sofa and scream YES every time there is an awkward but very realistic sex scene or where someone has a belly roll of fat or someone talks about their period. It's so brutally honest that it's liberating. Although I'd maybe suggest you watch it with some likeminded people as anyone with a shred of modesty will absolutely detest it and everything it stands for 


Until yesterday I assumed that everyone had watched Westworld by now, that everyone knew about the hosts and about the guests and OH MY GOD about the whole deal with Bernard! But then I spoke to my sister and she was like "West what?" So yes, I'd just like to draw the attention of anyone who hasn't seen this mind-blowing show towards its existence, swerve the original film and get stuck into the updated series, I urge you! 


Who couldn't fall in love with classic Julia? That smile, that hair, the Sassiness! These are my top three recommendations for a truly Julia-rific evening in the order you should watch them. I'm just a girl standing in front of a blog reader asking them to love Julia as much as I do 

Pretty Woman 
My Best Friends Wedding
Notting Hill

500 Days of Summer

The soundtrack alone should have you hooked before I even mention Zoey Deschanel and Jospeh Gordan-Levitt, The Smiths, Nancy Sinatra, The Temper Trap. All my faves. But besides having a kick-ass OST this film is actually one of those films that the more you watch it the more you notice things from character development to just the simple fact that Chloe Moritz plays his sister (seriously it took me about 7 viewings before I noticed) and I swear I switch sides between Team Summer and Team Tom every single time I watch it 


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are a tried and tested dream team. From the Silver Linings Playbook to American Hustle to the also lesser known Joy and finally to my new favourite Serena. The film is about these two hotties as they get married and build a timber empire together during the 1920's. Serena is very ahead of her time and spends her days hunting rattlesnakes and casually saving mens lives but it's not enough to keep her husband in check and their downfall is gripping to watch. Also the scene in the bathtub is super-hot and ALL Bradley fans will appreciate my heads up about it. Thank me later ladies  

Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo 

My love for Schumers disgusting lewd brand of humour is well known, her audiobook is a personal favourite, so when I found her stand-up routine had popped up on my suggested programmes I was very happy indeed. Amy says the things we all want to say or even think but are probably a bit self-conscious to. At the end of a long hard week at work I feel like that what you need, is to put your feet up, grab some popcorn and listen to someone make very very graphic jokes about sex, womanhood and basically just how terrible it is to be alive sometimes but how that's ok because we all feel like that  

The Affair

This show is honestly incredible, obviously from the title you can guess that it's about an affair but each episode is shown from a different characters perspective, often of the exact same events and it's chilling to see how the accounts can vary from each distinct point of view, how the slightest action of word can perceived or even dangerously misread. It's an incredibly enthralling series and definitely one that you'll binge watch and want to discuss with anyone else that's seen it 


So that's it my top 10 TV recommendations for you, everything from comedy greats to the supernatural with Panasonic and it goes without saying that a great programme, film or series deserves a premium telly. If you'd like more information on their new HDR 4K TVs then click here to find out where your nearest stockist is

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This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Panasonic. Please refer to my Disclaimer for further details


  1. Great list of shows to enjoy, although I've got to disagree with Westworld - I hate it! I really got excited before it launched and then didn't enjoy it, but everything else is fab! You've got the perfect line up listed! And your pics are awesome as usual xxx

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