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NKUKU - The Lifestyle Cafe and Homewares Store

My home is my castle. Not in the sense that it's cold and damp and encircled by a moat but in the sense that I take pride in it, I lovingly tend it (or at least pay someone else to) and I make meticulous decisions about it's decorative impact, my home is an reflection of ME. I want it to tell a story to everyone that walks through our door, memories, mantras, scents, sounds and ambience. The energy of my home is important to me. Granted, not everyone has the imagination or the budget to apply this outside of the box thinking to their homes, many people my age don't own homes at all. But financials aside, even if you don't own your home in a legal sense you can certainly still "own it" in a personal one

Your home is not merely a homogenous box that you sleep, eat and occasionally watch Poldark inside of, a beige hamster cage sans wheel but with comparably more scatter cushions. Your home is intrinsically YOU. Without the imagination, fun and occasionally blind creative faith we would all be living on page 12 of the Next Homewares catalogue, knee deep in teeny-tiny mass produced ornaments. No, I have always been a strong believer that YOUR home should reflect YOU, it's occupant and not the tastes of team of faceless corporate buyers from a global conglomerate 

Personally, I adore visiting the houses of people that share my love of the unusual, the original and the unique. Lovers of art, sculpture, glassware. Purveyors of Scandi, minimalism and Boheme. Those able to articulate their personalities and passions by splattering them across their walls, draping them over their soft furnishings and arranging them artistically on a side-table they bought from a pop-up antiques market in rainy Stroud three autumns ago. Those of us that treat our homes as an extension of very selves 

It's perhaps this school of thought that led me to feel instantly at ease and alive with creative passion when I walked through the doors of Nkuku recently. That's a lie, I actually discovered the place a week prior to the visit I'm documenting here and had spent the days in a state of piqued anticipation at returning with Dan, as home-decor and creative styling are two of our many shared passions. On this particular sunny, autumnal Saturday morning we followed the lanes through the tiny chocolate-box villages of the South Hams to arrive at the rusted iron gates of Nkuku just in time for my most favourite of mealtimes, brunch. Drifting in on the scent of freshly ground coffee, we strolled eagerly past piles of artisan crockery and fine wire-mesh lantern shades to the cosy corner at the back of the shop, the Cafe. Panelled in rusted corrugated iron and packed with eclectic furniture with clear views onto the bright and airy courtyard, the cafe proffers a selection of cakes and light bites. We ordered coffee, toast, salmon and eggs, arriving on the same chunkily beautiful crockery proudly displayed in the shop, seemingly contradictory but ultimately elegant in construction. The bread was freshly baked, the salmon confettied with herbs and the eggs creamy soft and undoubtedly free range, the perfect fuel for a trip into wonderland 

Coffee drunk and crumbs licked from fingers, we set about exploring the store, an Aladdin's cave of artefacts and trinkets. Antique knives, forks and spoons jostled together alongside pale duck egg-blue side plates and mugs. Paper wreathes hung overhead from wooden beams and a warm glow shone from countless fillamented light bulbs, illuminating an army of silvered vases. Delicate glass terrariums housed tiny cacti and succulents whilst a wall of draws jauntily displayed their coloured glass handles. Upstairs was a vast oak table, set with an eclectic range of handmade ceramics, a sofa cosied with hand-sewn, hand-felted cushions. Aged wooden sideboards filled with all manner of intriguing objects and curious trinkets under shining glass cloches.  Back downstairs mirrors covered one wall, antique oil lanterns covered another and a tall wooden rocking horse dominated one full corner, swaying jauntily with every breeze that followed at the backs of new visitors coming through the doors, blinking in the reflected light of the many treasures

If you, like me light up like a vintage filament light bulb around quirky and peculier household decor then a visit to NKUKU is a must. The place elicits what I can only describe as a "Christmas morning joy", a childlike gladness of heart for those of us thinking not only outside of our box but seeking endlessly to bedeck said box with a curious and charming richness


  1. I absolutely adore your blog and writing style, your photos are so dreamy too! I wondered if you had ever come across Helen Dunmore's novels? I can't wait to read more from your blog! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Fascinating! It looks like one could easily spend a lot of time at Nkuku examining all the interesting treasures there.

  3. This place looks beautiful, exactly the kind of place I'd want to get lost in for hours. Your photos are as ever, beautiful! x

  4. This place looks beautiful and they serve coffee - I'm sold!!! x

  5. I really liked your article about this store. I saw a lot of interesting items. I just need to visit this wonderful place.

  6. Those interiors are great! I hope that I'll make something that special too. Thank you for posting all those news here.

  7. I just was impressed by this store with an excellent choice of accessories for decorating the house.


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