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Autumn with Fairfax and Favour

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"
-Albert Camus

Autumn is my favourite season. It is without the false promises of summer, the flamboyant air of spring or the cold indifference of winter. Even in the absence of the golden light it's famed for, the showers can be forgiven for they only serve to make everything glisten and shine as if new. Fresh air has long been my antidote to worry, passing or persistent. There is little that cannot be unwoven or unfelt with cold air in your lungs, the low light in your eyes and leaves crunching underfoot. I spent more time in the trees then anywhere else when I was growing up, my parents owned woodland that became our playground and perhaps that's why, even now I find comfort under the canopy. Perhaps that's why I would rather hear birdsong then senseless chatter and perhaps that's why the showers don't bother me, they only soothe. We used to build dens, my sister and I, but now we walk. Side by side, reciting our sentimentalities like a spell, warm nostalgia cocooning us from our immediate worries. I'm glad I have time for this, that I can make time for it after a busy year. A new baby nephew, a new job, a wedding. It has been a hurricane few years and I am in the eye of the storm. So, to set aside hours to breathe this air and to walk these paths is vital. One hand in my pocket and the other on my camera in it's usual futile attempts to capture the un-capturable essence of my old favourite season, in my new favourite boots

"Fairfax & Favor are proud once again, to be supporting such a worthwhile and fantastic cause with the release of our limited edition, Breast Cancer Awareness leather tassel. This will be available to purchase for the entirety of October 2016 with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Care

 This limited edition piece is crafted in our signature tassel style combining supple powder pink leather with a custom gold shield, all finished with a beautiful cotton gift bag to keep your tassels in the best possible condition. Help us to support a wonderful and beneficial cause whilst wearing this very special, one-of-a-kind piece"

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What I'm wearing: the signature heeled "Regina" soft suede boots. 
Timeless, chic, a season must-have 

This post is in collaboration with Fairfax and Favour and contains gifted items. Please refer to my Disclaimer for further details


  1. These boots are absolutely gorgeous. I love tanned boots and am currently looking for a new pair, need to check these out x

  2. I love these boots and tan goes with everything so I always make sure I have a few tan options in the wardrobe! x

  3. Looks cool! I like the way it looks, nevertheless, it wouldn't suit me. I think that I would like to get more options.


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