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The Essentia Collection

"Inspired by symbolism derived from Native American cultures, the Essentia Collection reimagines the talismanic properties of dreamcatchers and other qualities associated with protection, inner strength and positivity" 

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Another week, another beautiful jewellery parcel for Milly the magpie, this time from the lovely people at Love Lily Rose, whose foundation piece for their newest Essentia collection is the Oriana necklace. A delicate and graceful new interchangeable necklace concept that allows you to mix and match layers to suit your personal style. The Oriana piece allows you to collect the layers and mix the charms and finishes to suit you Some days you want to go statement, with all three in combination, on others simplicity rules and just one will do. Happily all of the layers come with lobster clasps for easy attachment and changeability and the unique design allows you to accessorise your favourite charms without the hassle of the layers tangling together, because there is  nothing worse than going to wear your favourite necklace and finding it tangled beyond all recognition. Especially if you're in a hurry, which I constantly am
 The individual layers and complimentary pieces in the Essentia range also make for beautiful gifts, allowing people to grow thier collections and attach treasured memories of occasion to each and every design, which as you all know I have a tendency to do with my jewelleryThe necklaces are all handcrafted in the UK, allowing you to support independent companies and embrace the thriving British jewellery culture. Expect to see a lot of my pretty Oriana piece in my photos from now on, in layers and in their equally stunning single form

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  1. I LOVE these necklaces. In the summer I love the whole stacking of necklaces thing so these would be perfect - especially for festivals.

    Leah x

  2. I am IN LOVE with this necklace, it's absolutely beautiful and totally my style! I need this in my life! x

  3. What stunning pictures as always Milly! I love love love the necklace, you have styled it so well to! xo


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