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The Bedruthan Sensory Spa Garden

Everyone needs a friend that sends messages like this:
"Wake up bitch, we are going on an adventure"

A few weeks ago I received a message from my best friend Elle, she had planned and schemed with my fiance in order to steal me away for an adventure. I quizzed and pleaded, questioned and riled but neither of them would relent on the slightest clue as to what this adventure entailed. I was told what to pack, given a handful of seashells and told to drive, not to a destination just left, right, straight across until we reached the sea. When we got there we sat on the decking and watched the waves break over Fistral beach before wandering though Newquay to find ourselves at The Boathouse restaurant. Sitting amongst the hydrangeas eating a platter of fresh seafood, cracking claws, dipping bread and drinking chilled rose I already felt revitalized, but the surprises weren't over. They'd barely even begun, as we made our way along the clifftops after lunch, towards our evening destination

Set back into the cliffs overlooking Mawgan Porth beach the Bedruthan hotel and spa offers a wide variety of holistic and spiritual therapies, including it's sensory spa garden experience, the surprise that Elle had lovingly organised for us both. The seven stages of the sensory garden experience draw on the earths elements of fire, water and air comprising of invigorating salt scrubs, a cedar wood sauna, a cold drench and a series of restorative hot tubs. Following this you are invited to sit around a warming fire pit, your feet submerged in copper baths while you sip a soothing herbal tea, leaving you relaxed, detoxified and reconnected 

To have been given this experience was a gift beyond monetary value. I am fond of the notion that there is no gift of physical value that can outweigh that of time. Time set aside to relax, reflect and ultimately to recognise the importance of the people in your life that love you. Sometimes life is so busy, so fast paced that you barely have time to look after yourself let alone those around you but I am lucky enough to have someone by my side who does just that

We are all growing, inevitably I have grown out of fickle feats, of nights out wearing tacky dresses in tacky bars, listening to tacky music. I've grown out of shouting pleasantries over deafening nightclub music in a vain attempt to connect with the people I love. I've begun to loathe these hollow endeavors, to recognise them as a total waste of my precious and increasingly limited free time. There comes a time when you instead begin to look for things that feed your soul, not your ego and if the people you used to stumble out of clubs with five years ago are now the people that you get share deep and meaningful experiences with then I'd say that you were pretty lucky. Lucky to have grown together and to be on the same path with the same goals and ambitions, the same morals and ideals, the same heart. I hope you are all lucky enough to have an Elle in your life, to love and to appreciate you, to be your companion in endless adventures for the rest of your days


  1. This is in my hometown! Looks absolutely heavenly!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. Once again, your photos absolutely knock it out of the park Milly. Your photography is pure goals. x

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