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 “I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.” 

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Yesterday I said goodbye to July in the best way I knew how. By spending the day outside, knee deep in the grass with the sun on my back and the wind in my hair. Thoughts are starting to turn towards to Autumn as the leaves start to dry and age, their edges ragged with fatigue. Today is August, the last limp of summer, the final push before Septembers milder grasp. Although the Hunter Boot has become synonymous with music festivals the world over, I cannot claim to be enough of an aficionado to have worn them in that setting. I'm yet to pull one from the mire as music booms overhead and the air fills with coloured lights and the scent of street-food. No, restful strolls through peaceful fields and woodlands has been my scene for much of this summer, feet slipped into the high-gloss embrace. From yesterdays warm July evening on the dry hills above the Tamar River to future paddles in frozen winter seas, festivals aside, I know these versatile boots will see me through all the seasons 

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  1. Fab post Milly! The pictures are great too! Well Done Dan! xx

  2. Loved this outfit! 😍

  3. Great outfit and photography! I'm posting it on my twitter now.

  4. I love this outfit - you've modelled Hunters beautifully - who knew wellies could be so sexy! x

  5. I love my hunter wellies but I would never think to style them like this - thanks for the inspo! (as always!)

    Leah x


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