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Girls in White Dresses

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." Marc Jacobs

So yesterday was the 8 week mark for my wedding day. Two months today it'll all be over and we'll probably be sitting cross legged on the living room floor, champagne flutes held aloft toasting to a day well done and adventures to come. At least that's the vision I hold in my head as I tackle the piles of evening invitations still left to post and I reach my third hour of online ribbon shopping for that EXACT shade of rose gold. Eight weeks. I can hardly believe it, it seems like just yesterday that Dan got down on one knee not Christmas eve 2014 and yet here we are in big white dress central. Speaking of white dresses, the one in these pictures is from a recently discovered Australian clothing label called Tanjee. Regular readers will know all about my love of Australian fashion labels, I prefer my clothes to have traveled halfway across the world than merely halfway across my city. The "Poppy" dress embodies summer, my vision of summer at least, profoundly and perfectly. It's floaty and fun, delicate and yet strongly, strikingly simplistic. It's straightforward thigh-skimming cut is belied by the beautifully intricate tie-back design and it's dreamily light material that sits light as a feather upon sun-warmed skin. It's a dress for running bare footed through fields, to hold aloft as you paddle in streams, it's a dress made for fun. So whilst I have no time for fun myself, buried as I am beneath lists and boxes left as yet unticked, at least my wardrobe can embody it

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  1. Love this dress - and the print is so simple and elegant. You're photos are as usual - awesome! x

  2. This is a beautiful dress - so feminine and perfect for summer x



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