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Corfu - Three days in Paradise

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.” 

Sitting here and writing about our trip to Corfu 3 weeks ago whilst the rain hammers the windows and the heating is turned on isn't easy and it certainly is not how I had pictured my August. Looking at the stunning photos is even harder #Takemeback But I wanted to share our amazing trip with you in my first ever (and hopefully of many) Travel blog posts. As most people know I'm getting married in October, Yay! But wedding planning super-stressful and at times not very Yay at all. So Dan and I put down our filofaxes and chiffon sample packs and hopped on a plane for a few days of relaxation and all inclusive fun. We flew out from Bristol which was fun because Dan let me go on a crazy mega shop at Cabots Circus Mall before our flight, I picked up the pink leather jacket that I've practically been living in ever since and I also got my hands on my essential holiday item - A giant inflatable swan. Yes really

Corfu is a teensy tiny greek island in the Ionian Sea. It's one of the greenest of the greek islands most famous for the resort of Kavos which we happily steered well clear of, instead opting to spend 3 days just outside of Corfu Town at The Aeolos Beach Resort. The flight itself took a measly three hours, time enough to get stuck into the newest Neil Strauss book (mind blown) and a couple of those overpriced teensy-tiny bottles of wine before we landed. I adore flying so I bagged the window seat to see us land at one of the worlds shortest runways. If you struggle with air pressure make sure you take plugs for this one as it's swift descent. From here we took a short taxi ride through the dark roads to our hotel, we had booked a beautiful garden bungalow complete with sea-view balcony and marble bathroom (You all know I love my marble) Even though it was almost 1am by this point I really didn't want to sleep, I wanted to explore  

Therefore, in typical "seize the day, live life to the full" Milly fashion I woke up 6 hours later, keen to watch the sunrise over the mountains with a slightly less enthusiastic bleary-eyed Dan. After getting showered and bikini-clad (Me not Dan) we headed out and up the 200 yard woodland track to the pool. At 7am it was already a blissful 29 degrees so an early morning dip became our pre-breakfast routine. Breakfast itself was Greek salad for me although there was a ridiculously varied choice of foods, deep fried fish anyone?

Normally on holiday I'm one of those annoying people that wants to hike around getting cultured, "lets hire a car and drive for 2 hours to this monastery!" but as this was such a short break I decided to focus on relaxing. Mornings were spent lolling around the pool, intermittently dipping in and out of the water as the temperatures climbed, and making little trips to the poolside bar for cocktails. All of the drinks were free-poured and made your eyes water so lunchtimes were a little bit wobbly and there were more than a few squabbles between Dan and I over who got to lie on the inflatable swan first. On the first day we also met a lovely northern couple who invited us to a beach party that night. The party was seriously fun, there was a big gang of us "holiday mates" at this point and we danced until the early hours by the sea as a million bubbles blew overhead into the night sky

The next day we ventured down to the beach, winding our way between the sun loungers to a secluded spot. I bought a pair of goggles at one of the beachside shops and spent my afternoon diving in the warm shallows, watching the fish darting over the rocks and catching sight of the odd spiky sea urchin. As the evening approached Dan and I secured ourselves a spot at the very end of the beach pier, stretching out into the sea, surrounded by the little shoals of fish I'd spent the afternoon chasing in my mermaid state. We sat and talked as the sun slipped down in the sky, about anything and everything and it was one of those profound moments when everything felt right with world and I felt  happy and whole

That evening we dressed for dinner, me in the rose gold sequin dress that I blogged about here and walked hand in hand through the beautiful resort gardens, filled with fragrant pink and yellow flowers. After yet another GIGANTIC dinner we sat on the hotel balcony, sipping wine and watching the planes drop from the sky into our paradise as we toasted to our next day, our final day

Guess who was up early again, watching another sunrise from the infinity pool? I didn't want to miss a thing. I wanted to soak up every last minute before I stepped onto that plane. I was like Alec Baldwins character in Friends, I wanted to take a "mental picture" of everything, I wanted to take actual pictures too. After a morning of relaxing and after a rather hot a sweaty shoot for Monsoon (Click to Read) we checked out, shelved our suitcases and headed for the beach once again. Here I made the scribbled notes I'm using as reference for this post and stuffed myself with punnets of fresh cherries delivered by a cheery old greek man who walked up and down the beach with his little basket of fruit, grown on the hillsides above us

From the beach we took a short taxi journey Corfu Town to wander it's tiny streets and browse it's vibrant markets before our flight left at 11pm. Our strolling led us to the beautifully trendy Imabari Seaside Loungebar where we ordered pink gin cocktails and settled down in the shadow of the citadel to watch the sun set over the sea for the last time. We'd  talked about so much during our trip, reconnected and grown together in our experiences, the only thing left to talk about was our next adventure together and certainly our next trip back to Corfu

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  1. Lovely pictures :) sounds like you had a great time.

    Holly at x

  2. These photos are stunning! X

  3. Amazing photos as always Milly and your trip sounds perfect. I look forward to hearing about your zillions of other trips you have planned! xx

  4. Loves all the pictures Milly, stunning! I loved watching your snaps whislt you were there. Looks so pretty! xxx

  5. All of your photo's are absolutely amazing, and it looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more posts like this! x

  6. From the photographs that you have shared with us this place really looks like a paradise where you don`t need to care about any troubles.


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