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Why I stopped making Youtube Videos

If you want to "make it big" in the world of blogging then you need a Youtube channel. You need to be making weekly haul videos, unboxing on the daily and doing tutorials out the wazoo. You need to be funnier, edgier, sassier then everyone else and you need to act like your heart doesn't break every time one of those little thumbs -down icons appear. Youtube is BIG business and the blogging industry would have you believe that you cannot be successful unless you have a channel, in the same way that you'll never be successful unless you stick to one specific topic. Be that beauty, fashion or lifestyle

So why have I stopped making Youtube Videos and why is my blog content so varied? Two big No-No's. It's simple. I don't want to "make it big." Shoot me blogging Police but blogging, FOR ME personally, on planet Milly (population 1) is about writing and photography. It's why I started blogging in the first place, so I could do the two things that come as naturally to me as breathing on the daily and maybe make myself some fun-money while I do it

So I tried. I filmed. I edited. I bumbled through. I spent hours scratching my head at Pal and Quicktime, export times and subscriptions. I listened as people praised my efforts and begged me to make more videos, different videos, better videos. But my head hurt. It's just not for me. Maybe I'm just not driven enough? Or maybe the square-peg in a round-hole thing is just too much for my mind to handle. There just simply are not enough hours in the day to spend time forcing yourself to do something that doesn't come naturally to you in order to chase pound signs. It just made me want to maybe... not.. do... that... Of course I'm all for pushing yourself and for working outside of your comfort-zone to learn new skills but there does come a point after you've given it your best shot and you're going to bed at 1am having achieved nothing that you just sit down and think quietly to yourself "f**k this sh*t"

I can easily sit and spill my heart onto a page, weaving words and stories for you and I can perfectly capture anything I struggle to say with words in an image. All the other stuff just smacks of conformity. In the same way you don't need to be pretty like her when you can be pretty like YOU, you don't need to be "successful" like her when you can nurture your own little niche. "You do YOU" and other such inspirational deskcard quotes. I'm not saying I'll never make another Youtube video, I'm simply happy doing what I do how I do it, without the added pressure of trying to "make it big." I've always loved the little things in life even if my blog is destined to remain one of them


  1. I totally agree with you Milly. I've always said I'm not in blogging to "make it big" as I love my full time job too much for that. I'm happy doing what I do, seeing improvements and reaching my own personal goals.

    I've toyed with the idea of YouTube but I'm just not sure....


  2. I 100% agree with this. If it's all about making it big then where's the fun and enjoyment? It will soon become a chore and you'll end up resenting the time constraints that blogging/vlogging puts on you anyway. The most important thing should always be why and what you enjoy x

  3. I couldn't agree more, it's tough not to compare yourself in this industry but you couldn't have said it better. You do you. xx

  4. I couldn't agree more, it's tough not to compare yourself in this industry but you couldn't have said it better. You do you. xx

  5. This was such a lovely read Milly - and very honest & true. I 100% agree xx

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