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The new Holland and Barrett "More" Store

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't really that into Holland and Barrett before this week. I had a completely inaccurate opinion of the brand in general as well as what I thought was a frankly pants product range. Hemp and horny-goat weed? No thanks. BUT then I attended the opening of the new Holland and Barrett "More" store at Drake Circus shopping center and my tiny mind was well and truly blown as the stores interactive new concept to food, fitness, beauty and sport was showcased before my very eyes... 

I'd barely even stepped through the door when the friendliness of the HB staff struck a welcoming chord, smiles and "Hi Hi's!" all round. I wandered in on Friday in a totally rubbish mood (not aided by the fact that my mum had just informed me that she needed to pop into Boots to stock up on KY jelly - vomit in mouth moment) I was also hungry and in need of a good nap. But my spirits were lifted in no time by the smiling and genuinely passionate staff who were more than happy to explain the many exciting features of the store to me in such an enthusiastic and energized fashion that my need for a nap instantly evaporated  

Embarrassing mothers aside and all relating mental images erased, I think the new Holland and Barrett "More" store will appeal to 5 keys demographics besides the over-excitable slightly unkempt 24 year old blogger type *raises hand. So if any of the following titles applies to you then you'll want to pay attention to this and a as visit to the store over the opening weekend: 

Fitness Fanatics

Holland and Barrett Plymouth is fully staffed with a gaggle of personal trainers who are all on hand to give you tip-top advice tailored to help you reach your individual body goals. The store is also home to duh duh duhhhhh.... The Body Composition Machine!! Much less scary and daunting than it sounds, this incredible machine measures your BMI, Hydration levels, muscle mass and even the ratio of fat around your organs quickly and easily. It also ignores the amount of candles you've blown out and instead gives you an age relating to your bodies physical state. Mine was twelve. TWELVE YEARS OLD - Get in! Speaking of cake, pass me a cake?

Beauty Addicts

I would never in a million years have associated Holland Barrett with beauty before I stepped through it's doors but within 3 minutes I was mixing my own natural scrub on the magical-mixical bike, having a 60 second manicure and perusing the aisles and aisles of beautiful chemical-free make-up with a big fat grin on my face. Specials thanks to The Beauty Kitchen (More coming up on them in a future dedicated blog post.) The store places a huge emphasis on making your own products, from lip balms to body scrubs which I'm already mentally putting on my Christmas gift-list for friends and family as well as stocking anything and everything from cosmetics to skincare to toothpaste to shampoos and conditioners - it's Beauty Heaven! 


The new store is paradise for food lovers, with a fully stocked fresh olive bar and a selection of oils and vinegar's it's the perfect place to pick up your snacks and nibbles for a wild Friday night in. It's day two of the store opening and I've already munched my way through two large pots of the little green beauties - I'll look like an olive soon! As well as huge free-from selection there are fridges stocked with fresh and cold pressed juices and tea bar where you can sample the array of scents and flavours on sale in "try before you buy" scentstation. There is also a healthy pick n mix station where you can grab a bag of nuts, seeds and fruits to fill those sugar cravings without the crushing guilt or hypoglycemic crash of actual sweets

Yummy Mummys 

Struggling to get the little ones on board with healthy eating? A trip to Holland and Barrett will open thier little eyes to the world of tastes and flavours whilst keeping them safe from nasty chemicals and pesky E-numbers. As well as the healthy pick n mix stand, which is pretty exciting for little hands to get stuck into, Holland and Barrett also stocks a huge variety of gluten, wheat and dairy free treats catering to your little ones individual dietry requirements. As well as being a regular to the store myself I'll definitely be taking my little one in to start making her own food choices safe in the knowledge that everything is healthy and safe for little tummies


Coincidentally, the night before the store opening I was sitting with a couple of vegetarian/vegan friends in a local bar discussing the lack of choices available for them beyond the bog-standard supermarket fare, lamenting the lack of specialized products. My eyes therefore lit-up when I discovered the GINORMOUS range of meat-free alternatives and vegan friendly products in store at Holland and Barrett. From ready-meals to snacks and even yummy desserts the sheer variety was astounding. I've been spreading the word ever since to my V/V chums about the food revolution on their doorstep 


The official opening of the store is tomorrow, Saturday the 16th of July where shoppers can sample products and get a whopping 25% off everything in store - just grab a leaflet from the staff outside

Holland and Barrett Plymouth are also running lots of competitions over on their Twitter and Facebook pages, click to visit

So pop along, stuff and olive or 6 in your mouth and tell them Millydaydreams sent you 


  1. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend ! :)xx

    Vildana from Living Like V

  2. Who knew Holland & Barrett offered so much?!I DIDN'T! Love this and wish my local store was like this - am off to inspect their website now! x

  3. This sounded amazing when you were telling me about it! I can't believe how much food they stock! Oh and the Olives! - YUM


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