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Six things pet-owners do

This week I got an amazing delivery from a company that has created the UKs first ever monthly style box for people who love cats. Honestly, amongst the daily offerings of shoes, clothes, make-up, holidays even I have not been as excited about a collab as I have been about this one. Why? I'll let you into a secret... I'm a crazy cat lady. I adore my cat Monty and even though he's not the ideal blog mascot as he likes to sleep in dark, un-photogenic places, lies on my laptop when I'm trying work and stays out for days on end so I'm beside myself with worry, I still love that little furball and he SURE liked the My Purrfect giftbox. Anyone who watched my snapchat will have seen him going at the fluffy cat toy provided like an even crazier version of his younger kitten self and he was bloody nuts as a baby, he jumped out of an upstairs window on one occasion! Even though our furry friends are our babies and our chums they really do put us on the front seat of an emotional rollercoaster with thier escapades. Here's my account of 6 things pet owners do: 

Talk to their pets in a stupid voice and fully expect to get answers when they do. Obviously OBVIOUSLY I don't get answers (I'm not insane/eliza Dolittle) so I make them up "Should mummywummy eat the last biccywiccy even though she's had twenty-seventy-poo hmmmm?" The answer from my cat and dog is always a big resounding yes. Handy that

Cry when they see roadkill. I've had a cat run over before and it is heartbreaking. Whenever I see one by the side of the road it makes me want to stop and dig a tiny grave and sings hymns and construct a small wooden cross even though singing and carpentry are definitely not on my meagre and unimpressive list of talents. I don't even mean just for cats and dogs. Even the pancaked squirrels have me humming "abide with me" and making mental-notes to buy a small hacksaw

Buy stupid accessories that their pet will never wear because it basically constitutes animal cruelty. I have distinct memories of trying to wrestle a novelty inflatable unicorn horn onto my sister’s cat one Christmas afternoon. The cat wasn't having any of it, quite rightly so and we both ended up covered in blood and cat spit. Cat 1 Owners 0

Wretch and urge when they have to feed their pets. I do not know WHAT they put in those tins of "food" but the smell absolutely kills me off and GOD HELP YOU if any of the gravy gets on your hand. It'll smell like that for about 9 days now, just get it amputated and have done with it

Cuddle their pets whether they like it or not. I'm bigger then you and you're fluffy so basically c'mere and make me feel better about the fact that I just got sacked or dumped or that they ran out of Mcflurry mix when it was my turn in the queue

Run around the street during unsociable hours in their underwear/Pjs/fancy dress (one time) screeching their pets name because they've done a runner yet again. Maybe it was something to do with all the forced cuddling and inflatable unicorn horns?

So that's us, pet owners. No wonder our cats deserve a treat now and then to make up for our frankly ludicrous behaviour. You can get more information on My Purrfect Gift Box by clicking here. Boxes start at £15.95 can be sent as a gift and you get 20% off your first box on the website


  1. Aww that's so sweet! We've got two dwarf hamsters and a bunny and they definitely get 'forced cuddle' time haha. I love the idea of a little pet subscription box, and I can't wait to get a little kitty of my own some day

    Steph -

  2. So cute! I wish I could relate but I'm not a pet owner... yet. I really want to buy a cute cat! I love cats so much! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V

  3. What a lovely box! I talk to my cat like she's a baby every single day and she looks at me like I'm mad. Fortunately my cat never stays away for long - she likes food too much!

    Rachael at

  4. I love this! My cat got run over earlier this year and was so sad to not have him around anymore. But I can fully relate to all of these! x

  5. I talk to my dogs like that every single time!! I can definitely relate to all of these, haha :)x

    Anu♡ | Based On | bloglovin

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