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How to have a beach body with eLCy Clothing

"How to get a Bikini Body: Put a Bikini on your body. Stop giving a shit about what everyone else thinks"

Raise your hand if you're sick of seeing pictures of women's toned and sculpted bodies whilst you're elbow deep into your second bag of popcorn? Me too. That's why I thought I'd add some context to the shots I took for eLCy Clothing before the chants of "Burn the witch" get too deafening. Contrary to what society, social media and misogynistic-pigs the world over would have us believe the basic fact is that our bodies are not photo ready all of the time. So that got me thinking, maybe if we had a little context to every photo of a gals "perfect" body we had shoved down our throats and paraded in front of our eyes every 30 seconds from dawn till dusk we wouldn't feel so bad about our own REAL ones?  We've all breathed a silent sigh of thanks for the "over-sized" trend after way too much weekend drinking, third helpings of Dads roast dinner, or basically any time we've been surfing the crimson tide to cotton-wool city (Sorry dad for mentioning you in the same sentence as my period) But should that really stop us from loving ourselves because we don't look like the women in the magazines? What's the story behind their bodies? Do they have bad body days like us? Did they starve themselves all day? Do they pay out big bucks for a personal trainer? Are they a size 6 because they're happy or because they're stressed to the max? How much would you put yourself through to look like them if you knew the story behind the photos?

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I'm hoping that when you look at these pictures you don't hate me because actually it's perfectly OK to have rolls on your stomach, I certainly do when I'm not fake stretching in a "nonchalant" manner. It's fine to have cellulite, it's a thing that happens, it's happening on my arse right now. As are stretch marks, scars, acne, whatever... the point is that none of those things should stop you from celebrating your body and enjoying your summer. I love that saying: "How to have a beach body: Put a Bikini on your body. Stop giving a shit about what everyone else thinks." Yep. Pretty much. Each and every one of us has a body as different as our personalities, we've just got to let one shine over the other instead of worrying that we aren't societies ideal. "But Milly!" I hear you cry, "You're body is well buff" and yes, I'll agree, it does look pretty damn banging in these shots and yes I do (try to) go to the gym three times a week and I do (try to) eat healthily. But that's not feasible all of the time so neither is having a perfect body 24/7. I'd postponed taking these pictures on Monday because I'd forgotten I had them in the diary and ate half a loaf of bread for my lunch resulting in a cute little potbelly. Who would give up carbs for life just to have a flat tummy all of the time? Not me. Bread is Bae. Therefore the photos you see before you now were actually taken very early yesterday morning before a morsel, bread or otherwise, had even passed my lips.  They were taken post gym, in the most flattering of flattering lights and are 100% totally and utterly not representative of my body for the rest of that day or on the whole. On the whole, rolls, scars and cellulite aside, my body is usually covered in crumbs and coffee stains, the same as my clothes

I also took a lot of the bikini photos you saw on my Instagram during my recent holiday strategically too. Wayyyyy before the all inclusive breakfast bar opened. Abs that were prominent at sunrise soon disappeared as I took full advantage of the carbs and beer and vodka and carbs dipped in beer and beer mixed with vodka, By 3pm I looked 6 months pregnant. But I didn't care because I was on holiday. Plus I was shitfaced. The point is that there is nothing wrong with having good and bad body days and there is nothing wrong with not looking like the ladies in the shitrag magazines. Your body is totally normal and beautiful and actually I'll bet you don't even look half as bad as you think you do on your bad days. I bet you still look smoking

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  1. Milly you look INSANE!

    Claudia xx

  2. Love the quote with the post - it's so true! You are absolutely rocking in these pictures babe! x

  3. You look AMAZING and I loved reading this! xx


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