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Hello Summer with Monsoon


You can tell I've had a super busy July as I am only just getting around to blogging about my Corfu trip which took place at the start of the month! I'm aiming to get a couple of "What I wore" posts, similar to this one, up as well as a general travel blog. The travel post will contain all the info on the trip, the resort and what we got up to so please bear with me while I trawl through the hundreds of photos and fit in a bit of frantic reminiscent scribbling between my scheduled assignments with various brands. Anyone who has been keeping up to date with my Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram channels will know just how busy I have been. Whizzing between home and London for various events and meetings I honestly wouldn't have it any other way, I actually feel so privileged to have made something I love into my career. Particularly as that career fits quite nicely around my family and allows me to share wonderful experiences and gifts with my friends. Never be ungrateful and never be greedy is my motto

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Back to the topic of this post though, one outfit I particularly wanted to share with you is this Uh-mazing dress kindly sent over by Monsoon. I know a lot of people think that getting as much skin out as possible in the hot weather is the way to go, maybe it's an English thing because we don't know how long the sun will stick around for? Either way, some days it's nice to cover up and protect your skin in a maxi dress. Especially one that keeps you beautifully cool despite it's full-length. We shot these photos in the grounds of the resort we stayed at in 34 degree heat and this dress still proved to be a beautifully lightweight alternative to "baring all." As with everything I continue to be a mass of contradictions, from championing the demure cover-up in this post to being the very definition of "baring all" in my last (scroll down) Life is too short not to be every beautiful variation of yourself 

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  1. Beautiful pictures Milly - Love the hat as well as the dress! Thank god summer is finally here! xx

  2. That dress is beautiful - the pattern is so lovely and it fits you perfectly. I love a pretty dress for holiday wear and never thought to check out Monsoon before - I will do now though! x

  3. Gorgeous dress! Sophie x

  4. For them, good monsoon not only brings the bumper harvest but consequently also improved standards of living.Compact Analysis


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