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Zhuzh Tan Accelerator - My Summer Essential

I'm not one for tanning. I get bored lying in the sun. Books can't hold my attention, sleep evades me and my towel is often left vacant on the beach whilst I'm miles out to sea on my kayak. Great for the upper body but not so good for achieving the even brown skin tone required to accessorise summer dresses. When this little yellow bottle of goodness dropped on to my desk I was curious, not least because it was sent by Ideal World. Who knew they did beauty and skincare products? Well they do and they have a huge selection, check them out here.
 Was this the answer to my lack of dedication when tanning?

So here's the science bit

The  Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator quickly and easily speeds up your tan as it's designed to work with the melanin in your skin when exposed to UV rays. Melanin production is naturally a slow process that differs from person to person, so, if you find it takes a long time for you to tan whilst your friends are walking around looking bronzed then using Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator could help to speed the tanning process along. It is a lightweight spray on formula that is easy to rub in leaving your skin moisturised without that unwanted stickiness and oiliness. It also comes in a handy pocket-sized wipe on solution, perfect for festivals and days out
 N.B. Always remember to stay safe in the sun and apply an SPF prior to Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator

So does it work? In a word. Yes. 
I've spent the last week being complimented on my dark even tan and being asked where I went on holiday in order to achieve it. A week in the Maldives? A fortnight in Dubai? Actually it was two days in Cornwall where I spent more time on my feet then on my back. Life is too short to roll around on a towel trying to get brown like a rotisserie chicken so let the accelerator do the work and start enjoying your summer

Zhuzh Tan Accelerator is available at the absolutely best price from Ideal World
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This post contains gifted products, please refer to my Disclaimer for further details


  1. Lovely post darling! Happy Monday!xo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Loved this post Milly, such great wording to! You are such a BABE! x


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