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Trinkets and Treasures with Pandora

"What I love about Pandora is that they create so many occasion ready pieces, tiny keepsake symbols and tokens that can instantly be reflective of a moment or memory. From cupcake charms for a baby-shower or party to flowered earrings for a wedding or anniversary, it's all so instantly emotive" 

I'm not a big jewellery wearer. The same plain gold studs sit in my ears month after month, drawers of necklaces and bracelets go unworn and even my engagement ring spends several days of the week  sitting patiently on my bedside table, ruing my inability to remain constant in anything I do. This accessory ineptitude does not however prevent me from purchasing yet more trinkets and treasures, swelling the ranks of the unworn and seemingly unloved. But unloved they are not. Every ring, bracelet and necklace are the remnants of an occasion, a day, a time, an event that I wanted to immortalize forever with a physical counterpart

A tiny starfish bracelet bought in bare feet from a shop with sand on the floor, which when worn catapults me back to a day of paddling in the sea, eating hot greasy chips out of a bag on my lap and posing for photographs behind big dark glasses to hide the circles from a night of dancing until the early hours. A pair of silver teardrop earrings purchased on a freezing winters day with my now almost husband standing patiently beside me as I shook the coins from my purse and watched them scatter in all directions. The clumsy removal of the labels in a cafe next door, my partially defrosted fingers fumbling as I rushed to place them at my ears and cement the smell of hot chocolate and the sight of the laughing eyes that met mine in my memory. A striking gold and amber necklace bought by my parents in lieu of attendance at my graduation ceremony, the pomp of which I bypassed in favour of warm white wine toasts in the garden, hats were not thrown but smiles and congratulations were shared

No matter how infrequently these items are unearthed, dusted off and placed at my neck, ears, wrists and fingers the memories woven around them remain. That's why I'll never stop buying jewellery and why my drawers and trinket bowls will always overflow with warm reminiscence. When I was sent this delicate flower ring from the Pandora Spring collection I recognised instantly the promise and potential to weave memories through it's lacelike beauty. I'll wear it all weekend and when Monday comes it will be wreathed in smiles and laughter and sunshine even if I then place it gently back into it's box to be forgotten for a while. Just for a while

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  1. I really need to get my hands on some more Pandora rings - I love them since buying two earlier this yer, but I am the same as you with my earrings. I wear the same pair day and night!

    Leah x

  2. I am in love with Pandora rings, I never leave the house without mine! This one is absolutely gorgeous and I'd never seen it before. I think the Pandora rings are far superior to others on the market and your pictures show that beautifully! x


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