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Tips for Summer Dressing

If you're wearing a skirt ensure you have some nice undies on in case a swift breeze whips it over your head. It's 60% less embarrassing if you have nice pants on when that happens. It's 80% less embarrassing if you've done some squats

Always carry sun cream and reapply through the day. Always carry a working umbrella and a handwarmer - That's British Summertime for you 

Invest in a few lightweight maxi dresses, they provide full coverage and keep the sunburn at bay but will keep you feeling cool and fresh during the hot spells. If you aren't a dress person then opt for a lightweight jumpsuit instead in linen or cotton

Poke your head/arm/leg outside before you choose your outfit for the day. So many times I've thrown on a floaty summer dress because I saw a glimmer of sunshine outside the window only to find that the temperature never rose above 10 degrees by the time I get outside and have to spend the day freezing my arse off 

If you don't have time to shave your legs then don't worry about it. People won't notice unless you plan on doing something intimate enough to bring them into a 30cm radius. In that case resign to the fact you're going to be late for the days activities and take care of your bikini line while you're at it. 30cm is intimate enough for a little extra house-keeping if ya know what I mean (makes winky face and "get in" arm movement)

Treat yourself to a fancy pedicure at the start of summer. You can then either stay on top of your own foot/nail maintenance or keep getting regular appointments. There are too many pretty summer shoe options to have skanky tootsies and heels drier than the Sahara desert

White is EVERYWHERE in summer but don't succumb to the summer temptation of wearing a cool and crisp white ensemble if you're clumsy. Like me. You will sit in something, fall in something, spill something. Stick to the patterns and dark colours and no one will ever guessed that you tripped, tumbled or threw an ice-cream cone down you front

Don't wear "shorty" shorts. The kind where people can see your Va-jay-jay. I know it may be hot but members of the public don't need an ad-hoc gynecology lesson so keep it classy. Also if someone could go back and tell 21 year old Milly this then that would be great... (Cringes)  

Take a jumper. The British Weather is changeable so use that thing as a talisment to ward off the rainclouds, forget a jumper and you can wave bye-bye to Mr Sunshine. If it doesn't rain at least you'll have something to sit on in the park while you drink Pimms out of a can or take a disco nap at a festival

Whatv are you top summer dressing tips?
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  1. Your dress is gorgeous and I hate that even in summer an umbrella is always necessary in England! wah! xx

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  3. I loved these tips!! I'm always poking my body out the window or door to check the temperature even when it's sunny and seem's warm, because you can never been too sure haha xx

    Lauren |

  4. Going outside before getting dressed for the day is spot on. Too often have I overheated due to not checking the temperature. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. Love this post - especially the tip about actually going outside to check the temperature before you go outside - I'm the same as you, so many times it's looked warm and then I've been freezing all day! x

  6. Good tips! Love the dress - I have it in a nude colour ;) x

    Sarah |

  7. Your photos are simply stunning! You are GORGEOUS! xxxx


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