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Today I am sharing my current favourite make-up items, the items gracing my everyday make-up bag this summer. Number one on my list is this Stila Illuminator - a new favourite as the weather has grown so hot and humid. Foundation is a major No-No for me in this climate but this Illuminator blurs imperfections and creates a lightweight flawless look that lasts all day that feels like you're not wearing make-up at all. My go-to brow products are still the ABH duo of Pomade and Wiz. Wiz for the everyday and Pomade to create a more sculpted brow look on nights out, these two definitely take the hard work out of brow maintenance. My next new favourite is the Charlottle Tilbury palette that I picked up on a recent trip to the Covent Garden store, it's replaced my usual Naked 2 palette partly because it's less bulky (it actually fits in a make-up bag!) but also because I'm favoring a shimmery bronze eye for the summer, sparkle-tastic! When it comes to setting my look I made the switch from a £5 Rimmel loose powder to the MUCH pricier Laura Mercier alternative a few months back. Luckily  it's actually not a decision I've regretted as the coverage is a lot more even and the formula is light as a feather. This stuff is here to stay. Finally on my list is my bronzer, the tiny Hoola magazine sample I've been using recently ran out so I popped down to Boots to pick up the full size version. Hoola works so well with my skin-tone as far too many bronzers look orange on my skin or contain that vile sparkle I could do without but this one is a perfect fit. Happy Milly! So that's the products covered, here are some tips for you because I love you and sharing is caring:

Spray hair spray on brow brush for the days when you're brow gel runs dry. Or every day in my case

Give your beauty blender sponge a new lease of life by throwing it into the washing machine for a spin. Because who can afford to replace it at £16 a pop? Not I

Squeeze a little bit of your usual facial exfoliator onto a toothbrush and get scrubbing for silky smooth lips

Spray a layer of hairspray onto your hair slides for extra grip and stop them from slide'in out

Looking for lighter coverage over the summer months? Don't shell out for a whole new formula simply mix some beauty oil with your current foundation to adjust the coverage

Want to fix your face all day? Mix fixer with foundation. Much more pleasant than spraying yourself in the face with it

Run out of cleanser? Use lemon juice. Just the once. It's harsh but fair 

Keep an aloe vera plant in the house and chop bits off to soothe sunburn


Do you have any top tips, beauty hacks or penny saving tricks that you can't live without?


  1. Lovely post! Have an awesome day!xo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. these products looks so good xx

  3. Milly the photos in this post are incredible, you talented thing! The Stila Illuminator sounds super fab, I may need to have a mini splurge on it soon and glam up my make up bag. x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  4. All of these products are beautiful - I love Hoola in the summer and I need to get my hands on the CT palette - the colours are beautiful and I really rate her eyeshadows... I am in love with your blog photography! x

  5. I love these tips they are so useful!


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