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Five steps to a healthy summer body


And by juice I don't mean smoothie. No, No. Two verrrrrry different things. I juice every morning as a meal replacement  as I am just not a breakfast person, much as I've tried. Since starting my juice routine I've noticed that I don't retain as much water and that I am much less bloated, so when people comment on my Instagram pictures saying "How is your stomach so flat after having a child?!" then I have to thank Mr Juicer. You my boo. Find more detail on my juice routine here 


Yep, sorry you've got to get up and get moving. I do a basic cardio and weights session three time a week with a couple of outdoor runs thrown in where and if I have time. I usually start with a 4K run on the treadmill before cooling off with arms on the lat pull-down and Pec-Deck. I then alternate with legs session on the glute-kickback and thigh press machines because I want to BUILD that bootay. I've also found that a short burst on the treadmill post leg session helps to prevent the typical post-leg day struggles you see well documented in memes, like not being able to walk down the stairs and/or participate in life

Take Supplements

Supplements are the added extra to the other steps I've listed. I take a Green Coffee Capsule which I take as a pre-workout as it helps to keep my energy levels raised and burns fats, a Coconut Quench supplement for skin support and a selection of vitamins from VITL for my imune system and prolonged energy levels throughout the day. I find these daily parcels of goodness are perfect to for keeping my body balanced when combined with the other steps


I SUCK at remembering to moisturise but when I do I use the Dove Gradual Tan in Dark because it smells so freakin' good. My top tip to quickly and easily moisturise your whole body is to add a few drops of body oil to your bath which basically just does the all over job for you without the time consuming application process. Perfect for combatting the times when I don't remember to apply my sweet sweet Dove 

Include don't Exclude

It's not that easy to get your five a day when you've barely got five minutes in the day to yourself. I try and get as many fruits and vegetables into my diet and possible which means that alongside my workouts I don't worry about having the odd treat. If you tell yourself you can't have something you'll want it even more so the trade of is to take every opportunity to get as much of the good stuff in as possible. Extra vegetable portions at dinner, fruit pots as snacks through the day and of course my juice in the morning which gets me ahead of the game. Basically, if you want a Magnum just have a Magnum and while you're at it swap your chips for salad and in the words of Jess Glynne "Don't be so hard on yourself. Learn to forgive, learn to let go" So go get a Magnum.


  1. I totally agree with you about the juice! I do that every morning and it leaves me full and energized!(plus its an easy way to eat fruits and vegetables I would otherwise not eat!)
    Cloe X

  2. I need to get into juicing, especially if it can get us mummies to have flat looking tummies! And I agree with all your other points - it all just requires far more motivation than I have at some points! I have zero willpower when you put a pizza in front of me! Great post Milly xx

  3. Such a good post - I really want to get into juicing to. And I totally agree about the moisturising thing, its such a pain in the ASS but I need to do it!


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