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This week has been a week of learning. It's been a week of speaking up, loudly. Loudly enough and clearly enough to be heard over the roaring urge to stay silent and simply accept peoples behavior. It's been a week of tears and feeling defeated, because sometimes we need that. We need to feel broken in order to pull focus on where change is needed in our lives. To cut out the things and people that hold us back, the negative voices in our ear and to instead focus our energies on progression towards our goals and on bettering ourselves as people. Sometimes it's OK to be selfish, to step back and assess who is and who is not bringing anything positive to the table and whether they've ever earned their right to our time at all

We are all changing. Every single day. For some of us, the change happens more quickly because the decision to do so, to grow, is a conscious one. The saying "you learn something new every day" is a favourite of mine, because you do. On some days that new thing may be some inane fact but on another you might find yourself learning something new about yourself, what you're capable of and what you'll put up with. Some things require our experience in order for us to learn. How many of us have done something that we later regretted? Wasted time on a person who didn't deserve our attention? Spoken rashly and out of character in anger? Taken someones existence for granted? Made a snap judgement and dealt with the ramifications? Regret is a wasted emotion but knowledge isn't and to learn from an experience is no waste at all. In fact I would consider that a gift

I guess in a way my this blog has become my time machine, a window into who I am now for those I left behind. My only link with a past I lived but no longer live in. Behaviors I unlearned, rash actions and words that betrayed me and people I thought I knew but no longer recognise. It all awakens a strange sad gratitude in me, a gratitude for experience, good and bad that has taught me to know and value myself above anything else

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