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London Life at the ASOS Keds Event

So last week I "popped" up to London for the day. No mean feat for the girl that lives a mere 239 miles from our nations capital but my excitement for the ASOS and KEDs hosted event made the journey a mere saunter. Below is my photo diary for the day, a stroll trough Covent Garden, lunch in the cave like darkness of Sticks and Sushi. The rainbow riot of Laduree and a moment of indulgence as I slipped into Charlotte Tilbury to stand among the ostrich feathers in the powder room. Some of you may recall my lament of the geographical proximity of this very counter in a previous post found here

On to St Pancras station, the birdcage where conversation in a dozen languages bounces off the ceiling and sparkles down again, settling in a welcoming hum. Here I met Leah -, Chloe - and Fran - and we bonded over glasses of champagne. In truth probably a glass too many but London looked beautiful and bursting with colour as the four of us made our wobbly way along its streets towards the event 

The events itself was an exhilarating mix of pampering, networking and listening in awe as the panel discussed everything from social media marketing, buzzwords like "peng" and how to deal with negativity - the shared conclusion of which is to STAND UP FOR YOURSELF or to kill them with kindness. Both equally fine in my book. Anything but silent consent to poison from bitter lips. The team at GHD styled my hair beautifully for me and my eyes lit up when they encountered yet more Sushi. An entire table of the stuff

As I ran through Padding station, late for my train as usual and vastly endangering the life of my fragile macaroons, I couldn't wipe the smile off from my face. London, I love you even just for a day 

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  1. Fab photography as always and so great meeting you... Another one soon again PLEASE!!

    Leah x


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