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If I was a bag with Accessorize


I'm wearing the Cassidy
 Satchel by Accessorize for their #IfIwasabag campaign - Click to buy 


If I was a bag I'd be filled to the brim. Filled with things that you wouldn't expect to find and things so predictable that you'd stifle a smile at my indistinguishability. I'd be filled with lipsticks, a hundred, one for every kiss I've ever felt on my skin and another handful of them for the ones I only wish I'd felt. Flowers, a handful of dried up buds. Like memories of moments, beautiful in their fragile demise and scattering petals in a mess that's not really a mess but that's actually kind of beautiful. I'd hold a book or two, the ones with the scrunched and folded down pages and the slapdash pencil notes. Well thumbed and underlined poems and passages filled with words as familiar as old friends. Pens. Brand new shiny ones with the sticky labels still on, ready to share a story. Old ones with broken nibs, dried up and done. The stories that are ready to be forgotten almost as soon as they're told. One thing spilling into another into another in a kaleidoscope of colour and chaos and somewhere in amongst it all there'd be a pack of sweets. Not those sickly ones, probably the old fashioned kind. The ones that you hold in your mouth with patience for the longest time before the center works free and you're rewarded. Beneath the anarchy and the mess there would be a little sweetness. If you took the trouble to look hard enough

This post contains gifted products, please refer to my Disclaimer for further details. Photography by Corinna Fochler


  1. What a lovely bag! I love your blog I jsut think your layout is lovely and your posts always look so bright and fun! I'd love it if you'd comment back xx

  2. love this post Milly!! it's written so well!!! =D Perfect analogy for the chosen bag I can visualise everything being as alive as the person writing it. It suits you perfectly I feel I got to know you a little after reading this. I like to believe we'd get on.

  3. This is such a beautiful post to go with an equally beautiful bag! This has really made me consider what I want to be like and what I am like. Accessorize is definitely my favourite place to go when I need a new bag. I find that their bags last me ages without getting frayed or straight up breaking and they're always SO pretty

    Steph -


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