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Functionality and Fun with VVA Bags

Wandering around the parks and green squares of my town allows a strange sort of peace to settle over me, nostalgia perhaps. I may have made the Ocean City my home but I am rooted in Cornwall. Trips back have been frequent recently as my wedding day draws closer, 153 days away my app tells me. Time has a tendency to fly at a countdown, despite the conscious effort I make not to wish it away and requests are coming thick and fast for wedding content on my blog. Something which I'll soon be embarking upon. In the meantime there's still so much else to talk about, topping the list is this bag. This bright beautiful bag that gathers compliments on every outing, one for each and every pocket and more to overflow. I think what I love most of all about this bag is its versatility. Removable tassels, interchangeable pockets - all in the finest Italian and British leather make this bag functional yet fun. Traits vital for someone who flits from the hilltop gym to a favoured city coffee shop and then on to wander the nostalgic paths of a childhood woodland in the span of a single day. Ever the enthusiastic participant in life, chasing something I can't quite put my finger on but finding comfort in the journey 

This post contains gifted products, please refer to my Disclaimer for further details. Photography by Corinna Fochler

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