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Body, mind heart and soul - The Bellabeat LEAF

"Unless you love the body and unless you understand the body, you cannot grow spiritually" - OSHO 

I owe a lot to my body. For years I used and abused it, filled it with chemicals and alcohol, worked it to exhaustion and overlooked it's quiet power. Where circumstance has often led my mind to waver on the brink of disintegration my body has always surprised me with it's unwavering strength. On the days when I felt anger and frustration my body allowed me to place focus elsewhere, it pushed me onto my feet and out of the door to run until the rage drained away and my head felt clear again. It picked up a pen and started writing when the words were jumbled in my head. It picked up a book and started reading when I needed an escape. It got up and it walked me outside of my comfort zone to start living. In the years that heartbreak was my daily hangover my body got me out of bed and it took me out into the world again with faint optimism in my wounded heart, to meet a boy with an easy smile and a plaster in his hand to fix me and for that I owe it everything

That's why I stopped taking it for granted. I started to listen when my body asked me to rest it, to feed it, to appreciate it and to love it. I started to recognize that strength both in mind and in spirit needed to be echoed and nurtured in my physical well being. So when Anja from LEAF contacted me to ask for my thoughts on the wearable well being accessory I was enchanted. The beautiful piece of contemporary Smart jewellery sitting in my palm offered me an insight into the inner workings of myself. I was holding wearable tech for the wellness aware woman and it wasn't a clunky cube or a black box, the elegant solution to my communicative endeavors could be worn around my neck, on my wrist or casually secured to my lapel 

The Bellabeat LEAF is specifically tailored to women, as well as tracking physical activity and sleep patterns it presents detailed information about your menstrual and reproductive health via the LEAF app. It also helps you to reclaim moments of calm within your day by providing built in breathing exercises. If life has you feeling stressed or anxious, the LEAF will let you know that your breathing rate is elevated and seek to provide relevant breathing exercises to help you regain a clear focus and composure. The app is easy to use, encouraging and interactive meaning that my LEAF is like my conscience only cleaner. Now I know when my headaches are premenstrual and therefore why my emotions are raw, now I know when my sleep patterns are disturbed and that I need to take it easy and now I know when I need to push myself harder physically and when I need to stop, breathe and recenter. The LEAF is a tiny voice of reassurance that the new found gratitude I've found for my physical self isn't going unnoticed, that the years can fall away and that healing is possible

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Photography by Corinna Fochler 

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