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A Sunday Kind of Love with Origins

"My arms need someone to hold, someone to enfold. To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold.
Love for all my life to have and hold. Oh and I want a Sunday kind of Love" -
Etta James

Origins "Original Skin" Mask   NaaNaa Clothing Lace Bodysuit   Theme-tune: Etta James "A Sunday kind of Love"

For a long time I’d seen Origins around, we’d made flirtatious eye contact with one another and I'd caressed a bottle or two but we hadn’t yet become intimate. Now we’re very much involved. Found together in Sundays eager preface, as sunlight shimmers through the window and a coffee steams nearby. "A love to last past Saturday night" and indeed to repair my Saturday night misdeeds -  blackest eye-shadow, sticky glitter fingers and smoky outdoor tables under the stars

Whilst I'm doing all my Sunday dreaming, my Sunday scheming I'm hoping to discover a reprieve from the resulting blemishes. I'm hoping to discover that when we are parted and the pastel pink is finally soaked away that I am me again and not just last nights shadow. Thoughts turn to Monday, to Tuesday but I want Sunday and I want an antidote to my woes, the dryness, the tiredness, the glass too many of cheap wine and luckily, unfailingly I find it. I find my glow again in this Sunday kind of Love

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  1. I love everything about this post - the layout, the pics, the writing! This also sounds amazing - love skincare Sundays xx

  2. I love Origins, I'm desperate to try some more!

    Hannah | Oh January


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