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The gifts that aren't gifts

"Often the most precious gifts are the ones that didn't cost us the pennies in our pocket but the time on our watch" 

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These are my favourite gifts that I give to myself and share with others, the gifts that money can't buy and that you can't wrap a satin ribbon around. The best kind of gifts

Time is something I often find myself gifted with. A snippet here the read a book balanced on my knee in a cafe I didn't stop to note the name of. A sustained interlude between chores for the quietly curative task of note copying. A grand stretch of it spent strolling along the cliffs with the quiet breeze muting loud thoughts. I know that I am fortunate indeed to be afforded the commodity of "spare time" and so I respect it's importance to my psyche and well being hugely. Taking time out for yourself has become something of a taboo and I was never one for observing those

Adventure doesn't necessarily require a plane, or a bulging bank balance or a lonely planet guide. Adventure is a feeling. The flurry of excitement when you step outside with only the vaguest idea of where your day is going to take you. I'm fortunate enough to live in the South West where you can hike up onto the moors in the morning and then swim far out into the sea in the afternoon. Almost every Sunday without fail camera bags are packed, comfortable shoes are placed onto feet and I head out in a non-specific direction in search of something I can't quite put my finger on. Childlike excitement often gets forgotten about in our 100 mile an hour lives

Love, I don't mean the mushy stuff that people write poems about. I mean that deep sense of profound appreciation and peacefulness that settles over your head when you're doing something that you enjoy. Being in love with your life and everything in it. Being in love with it enough to fill it with exciting, exhilarating activities but also with moments of calm, reflection and quiet gratitude for the gifts that aren't gifts in the traditional sense but which remain immeasurably precious. Priceless even   

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