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Craftworks Street Kitchen - Truro

I spent my bank holiday weekend sitting inside a shipping container in Cornwall with salsa on my chin and lime juice dripping into my sleeves as I tucked into the freshest street food I've tasted in a long time. Craftworks street kitchen in Truro is serving up full-flavour dishes such as Tacos, Burritos and Sliders with worldwide influences in that most hipster of settings - the converted shipping container. Situated on central Lemon-Quay, Craftworks Street Kitchen is serving food from 11am every day by George, Mick and Dan - three friends who have brought their worldwide experiences into one place, making the drive from Plymouth 100% worth it

I was slightly shocked at the prices... In a good way. In a tourist-led region it's rare to find somewhere to eat that doesn't require a second mortgage in order to enjoy quality food. This place is simplicity done right, the food isn't dumbed down for a European palette as you do often find in chain restaurants, it's unapologetically vibrant 

I ordered the chicken tacos which were light and soft, packed full of fresh salsa, fragrant coriander and intricately spiced and seasoned chicken. My side dish of sweet potato wedges were also a revelation. Not the oil soaked match sticks usually served up since the sweet potato fry became de rigeur but crispy chunks of soft seasoned goodness with a spicy drizzle which had me ordering second helpings

So, if you're looking for something a little bit different this weekend from your chain-fare or traditional pub lunch then make plans to head South-West to Truro with an empty tummy and anticipant taste-buds. You won't be disappointed  

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