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Musings - Are we the lost generation?

Love and hate have always sat uncomfortably close together for me in many things
It's very strange to hold something in such contempt that also allows me a platform for creative expression but that is how I regard social media. I'm grateful that I know enough about it to educate my daughter when the time comes, as she is bombarded with images of perceived perfection 300 times an hour

We are often referred to as the "Social Media Generation. The generation that went from playing games outdoors to playing games of a very different kind on facebook, twitter and Instagram. In many ways our generation was sacrificed on the alter of experimentation. Our parents knew nothing of the digital tidalwave sweeping their tender offspring from their feet because we went from note passing kids to texters, emailers and messengers in the blink of an eye, They were powerless to protect us from something they had never before encountered and we were all swiftly indoctrinated into the world of Bebo and Myspace, A diet of online advertisements were drip-fed to us down the dial-up connection, we went from climbing tree's to social climbing as we dropped the heart emoticons like confetti and for the first time felt the bitter stings of cyberbullying in extinct chatrooms that would grow into the troll culture we have today

Later came the realisation of deception, the photoshopping, the airbrushing, the emotional and mental manipulation and there was no one to tell us that it wasn't real because our parents had never faced the growing spectre of social media. For a long time there were no expose articles on social media marketing tactics or anti-airbrushing movements, so for many of us it was too late, the damage had already been done. We had already told ourselves that we weren't thin enough, weren't pretty enough, weren't enough of anything to really matter at all. We had the wrong kind of body, the wrong kind of hair. We liked the wrong things. And worst of all we were told that the naturally occuring cycles of sadness and loneliness that occur in life were something to be ashamed of. Something to be hidden. We were told to put on a show and 10 years later some people have never stopped acting

We peer at peoples lives through a screen and find our own lacking. We shop for partners like we shop for our food, swiping forward on aesthetics. Everything is thrown at us at 100 miles an hour "buy this" "do this" "think this" and we forget that our hands were made to do more than just hold a phone, a tablet or a laptop

We never had control of it, we were the lab rats and social media was the toxin we were exposed to. Maybe that's why our generation is so fucked up? Maybe that's just another one of our excuses?


  1. I loved reading this!! It was so powerful and so 100% honest. I couldn't agree with you more.

    Lauren |

  2. Totally agree with you! x

    Vildana from Living Like V (I HAVE A GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG SO BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT) & Stalia Is BAE

  3. Very powerful post. It has hit us like an uncontrollable wave. It's so hard to switch off it too because that's how we communicate with friends, and we feel helpless if we don't have our phones and technology with us! I slowly think that the older generation are starting to feel disenchanted with it though, we feel the strain social media places on us and it's become quite trendy to switch off from it.

    Great post!

  4. I'm always thinking this! Love this post, it's so nice to read something different and about something that does matter. I feel sorry for the generation that won't know what life was like before social media took over.

    Sinead | Subject Beauty


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