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Spring Wardrobe Updates

Now that winter is shrinking back and the sun has begun to shine once again I've begun to introduce brighter elements to my wardrobe. I'm turning my back on blacks and browns and instead embracing the whites, cream and pops of pale blue, pink and yellow with open arms. My wardrobe is my moodboard and I want to paint it with all the colours that capture my optimism, my gratitude and my lightness of heart. I'm also turning more towards casual footwear, as comfortable fashion continues to thrive off the back of the popularity of the loungewear trend, with a growing collection of luxury trainers from Nike and Adidas. They're bridging the gap between the comfort of winter boots and the freedom of summer sandals and they're keeping me comfortable as I run around this city like a whirlwind. I'm fresh from the gym, my hair is messy, I'm weighed down with books and with thoughts. Inevitably I have an armful of fresh flowers and I'm wearing an easy smile. I'm sitting in a cafe drinking fresh coffee, I'm chatting with strangers, I'm typing in the park as my sunglasses sit at a jaunty and precarious angle. And, as ever, I am daydreaming    

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