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Spring Wardrobe update

Shop my Look:  Striped Palazzo Pants, Zara     Plunge Crop-top in Berry, Boohoo

I've spent a long time placing these trousers into and then removing them from my online shopping basket. The vile English weather has made it pretty difficult to imagine a time when floaty material will take centerstage in my wardrobe once again but I finally bit the bullet, made the purchase and picked up the forms to renew my passport. Maybe the two aren't coincidental? Either way I'm looking forward to wearing these beautiful Zara trousers teamed with a pop of colour from this Boohoo Bralet which I'm sure I'll purchase in every colour available. I've got the feeling that these trousers are going to be a fashion staple, whether I'm wandering the streets of a foreign city this summer or simply lying on my favourite English beach. Either way, stripes for spring were a good choice. Now to find some sandals to complete the outfit

Keep your eyes on my Snapchat and Instagram for an #OOTD shot of me wearing my new threads as soon as the sun comes back


  1. Love those trousers Milly! Can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear all my Spring clothes!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  2. The weather in the UK is so all over the place at the moment that I can't imagine wearing anything thin or floaty at the moment either, but I'm really excited to start adding things for the warmer weather to my wardrobe too!

    Steph -


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