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Pretty bags and Shedding baggage

My dad always said that you should never look into a woman's handbag, more out of fear for it's chaotic disarrangement then out of respect for privacy. My bags are filled with photographs and poetry books, a lipstick I bought because the shade reminded me of strawberry bonbons. A handful of receipts chronicling dinners with friends where we've talked about love until the tables emptied and the lights went out. A hair slide, a bookmark, a watch and three unmatched earrings. Clutter and chaos of every kind but it's in my bag now and less frequently on my mind

I carried a lot of baggage for a long time, no matter how many books I read or quotes I memorised or mantras I tried to absorb I could never quite shed the crushing weight of simply being me. I soaked up other peoples opinions like a sponge and let them erode my self-belief. I searched desperately for somewhere I could fit in but never quite managed it without uncomfortable compromise. I surrounded myself with people, so many people, who gave so little regard to me and what I had to say, that ultimately I shrank. It's only now, and over the course of the last year that I've been able to tackle it, to begin to tidy it all away. Slowly, systematically. One pocket at a time until I could reach the bottom. I've rediscovered things I thought I'd lost, parts of myself I had suppressed. I discarded things that had poisoned my nature and I've made room for all the brave new things I now feel strong enough to embark upon

I wish there was a moment that I could pinpoint this change in my attitude, a definitive moment when all the things I so desperately looked to for help started to work. I wish I had a magic formula for anyone who finds themselves in the same boat. But I don't. A wrong that I so wanted to right happened gradually and overnight all at once, clouding the strategy I used to get here. Maybe that's why it's called a personal journey? Either way my desire to lighten peoples load never ceases and I don't think I'll ever stop sorting through the clutter

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Photography by Pete Drew
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  1. Love the metaphorical message behind this post! Also the bag is gorgeous!
    Cloe X


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