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My favourite Watches

Black Suede  - Abbot Lyon    Gold - Henry London    White - Daisy Dixon    Red, White & Blue - Daniel Wellington     

I love watches. What I lack in jewellery I often make up for with a beautiful timepiece. I know we live in digital world where they are obsolete but perhaps that's why I love them. For the same reason I love cameras and notebooks and LPs - because I want more than just electrons in my pocket. I want to watch the words appear on a page, feel the weight of a camera around my neck and see the needle scratching on my favourite vinyl as it spins*.  I admire the palpable certainty of those hands as they tick by. Sometimes I'm counting down to something exciting, or wishing in vain that I could smash the glass and push them back in my low moments. But they tick on indefinitely. Regardless, there is reassurance in the simplicity of those little hands eternally rotating and I like to keep them close by

* Currently on my Record Player - Benjamin Frances Leftwich "Last Smoke before the Snowstorm"

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  1. Wonderful post dear, I love the watches,too! Have a great weekend! xx

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