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How to collaborate with Brands - Part 1

I’ve been lucky enough to work with lots of lovely brands in the two years since I started my blog, Pauls Boutique, ASOS, Abbot Lyon, LUSH, Benefit, Gemporia, The Fragrance Shop, Corkys, Romwe, Diamonfire and Vestry  - to name a few.  Although there are PR companies designed specifically to provide bloggers with collaboration opportunities (etailPR is one I use) I generally find it easier and more effective to approach the brands that I am passionate about directly

First of all brand collaborations are not simply going to fall into your lap. Believing in yourself and what you do is hugely important to the success of your blog, especially on the days where it seems like everyone around you is landing huge collaborations and you’re stagnating. You aren’t. But only you can change that. Second to that is proactivity, if you want to work with a brand then you need to put your hands in the air and shout “I’m over here, here are my skills”

Yes skills. Because you do need to have SOMETHING to offer them and I’m not just talking about a big number or a blue tick next to your name, because as much as numbers are made out to be the “be all and end all” in blogging, they’re not. I’ve had plenty of amazing opportunities with big brands and my following is still pretty far down the food chain. I’m talking about a USP (unique selling point) perhaps you’re a photography whizz who can offer some professional and original, quirky shots? Perhaps you’re an incredible writer who could talk engagingly and creatively about their product and capture a new audience for them? Whatever your strong point is you need to promote it, you need to sell yourself

So what do you do first? Find a PR contact within your chosen brand, which involves you going a bit Miss Marple. I usually do this via Twitter or Instagram by public or private messaging. Failing that I’ll send a few tester emails in to their customer service and usually someone points me in the right direction. Compose a light hearted but clear email about why you want to work with them and why they should WANT to work with you. Include any relevant past blog posts you have written that could relate to the brand. I attach my social links and blog URL below my signature in these emails so that the person in question can gather a quick overview of my style without spamming them with statistics

Once you’ve been accepted the brand should usually let you know what they require of you. If they don’t, ask. You’ve done the hardest bit and got the relationship started; you don’t have to wait three days for them to call. Most of the brands that contact me ask me to select something from their website to photograph/model on my social media channels and blog
I have a template response email detailing my sizing’s and postal address which I return to brands with my product selections. 

It’s important to think clearly about what you are selecting from their sites when choosing, have an idea of what sort of post you want to create and then select the products accordingly. I once got wildly overexcited and selected a full-length sequin dress from one site and found myself completely stumped in terms of how to style and shoot it. A mirror selfie just wasn’t going to cut it. Brands also usually prefer you to select items from their “New In” section, as older products will most likely already have adequate coverage in place. There’s also less of a chance of these items being permanently sold out by the time your post has been publicized, otherwise it would be fairly pointless

I am going to write another post about payments  but if you aren’t getting paid for your post choose something you genuinely like and would wear so that at the very least you’ll get some use out of the item they sent beyond taking a photo for your blog. Also make sure that the brand has GIVEN you the item and aren’t expecting you to send it back after you’ve shot it, that would be awkward

If a brand contacts you first and asks you to select something, get back to them as soon as possible and as concisely as possible with above information. Time is literally money to brands and any faffing around on your part will not be appreciated. I also usually mention that a post containing their items will appear within a two week window after receiving the items as this gives me time timetable the styling, editing and writing of posts alongside other collaborations I may be working on. It also allows for inevitable postal f**k ups so you don’t end up with one day to get everything done after your parcels been enjoying a lengthy trip round the country

I’ll also write a post regarding PR disclosure but it’s just wayyyyyy to much to tag onto this post. But I hope it was helpful and do please feel free to email me with further questions and keep your eyes peeled for Part 2


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