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Grey Notes and Nostalgia

“I took a stroll down memory lane today, not to be saddened by the people that I have lost, but to be grateful for the memories that I shared with them" - Loretta Hitch


Straw Fedora Hat -
Asos   Grey Mac Coat - (similar)   Crochet Hem Top - Boohoo   
Jeans - Freddy Ireland   Cross-body Bag - (similar)   Creeper Shoes - Public Desire   
Marble Ring - LVNDR   Bound Cuff Bangle - Style Repertoire 

March makes me impatient for Spring. I opt to take my coffee at outside tables, cradling cups in gloved hands and sniffing appreciatively at the sharp icy sea breeze. I often leave the house without a coat, a decisions I usually, almost instantly regret. March makes an optimist of me. Any ray of sunshine is basked in, any tiny bunch of roadside daffodils is admired. Suddenly there is so much more time to stop and look at the world awake from its slumber, to take a walk, to sit and read a book on the steps where I used to live. There is a curious feeling about being so deeply entrenched in thoughts of your future, the upcoming changes you will face, with your past quite literally at your back. Perhaps I should feel stagnant here, walking the same cobbles and sitting in the same bars as I used to with friends who are now long gone. But I only feel a warm sentimentality, the sort that prompts me to stop to send them a photograph of the view. I guess I'm an eternal nostalgic, I've always had my eyes fixed on the future but with one foot rooted firmly in the past. I like it that way

This post contains gifted items, please see my Disclaimer for further details
Photography by Pete Drew


  1. March is the same for me! It makes me so impatient and I just want to go out in summer dresses even if I freeze to death!! I love your shoes also! x

  2. I love this outfit! I wish I could pull off hats as well as you do. And I'm the same way you are with March. I instantly start thinking Winter is over and start trying to break out the Spring wardrobe.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. Really pretty casual look! Beautiful photos too!

    xx, Elise

  4. The shoes are my favorite part. I am also obsessed with gray!

  5. This outfit is so gorgeous! I'm in love with that grey mac!

    Hana | ♥


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