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What you should REALLY be giving up for Lent

Lent is upon us! Well, almost. I'll just finish eating my 27th pancake. I'm not getting into the religious context but Lent is the annual 40 day guilt-fest where we all vow to give up refined sugar, alcohol, chocolate etc...whatever... The point is that we usually end up stuffing our face with whatever we opted to give up after about four days anyway. This year what about giving up something that might actually help you to be a better person and to get more out of your life? 

Things you should give up for Lent:

Doubting yourself

For the next 40 days when you want to do something but don't believe in yourself enough to actually do it I want you to take a deep breath, pull your big girl/boy pants up and do it anyway. See how good it feels. Trust me you won't want to go back to doubting yourself when Lent is up

Judging other people

Some people are making decisions based on private circumstances. Some people are making decisions based on previous experiences. Some people are making decisions based on a complete lack of intelligence or awareness. Either way it's not your problem. Focus on you and your progress alone, judging others is wasted time 

Thinking you're cursed

Next time something bad happens don't jump to the "woe is me" narrative. Shrug your shoulders and wait for the good karma you're now on track for. Also, try not to overlook it when that good karma arrives, it might not be a lottery win but it might a car parking space right outside the restaurant when its raining

Being negative

When you see something you don't agree with or don't understand try switching your mindset to a more open and accepting space rather than immediately writing things off as "shit" because they differ from your own particular views or opinions. You'll learn a lot and it'll give you a chance to clear out that toxic build up of negative thoughts that tend to breed under societies strict conventions

Being Lazy

Guess what? The clock is ticking. Don't sit around waiting for things to happen. Get off your ass and go outside, do an activity or a sport. Do something that scares you. Book that holiday you keep putting off. Tidy that cupboard that you always feel guilty about ignoring. Redecorate. Organise a girls night out or a dinner party. The point is that you make the most of every day. If you can do it for 40 days then you'll see why you should be doing it for ALL your days

Happy Lent! See you in 40 days


  1. Genuinely think I will be giving up all of these for lent! Thanks for the wake up call :) xx

  2. Yes to all of these, especially doubting yourself. We all tend to be our own worst critics! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    1. We really are, we're far to critical of ourselves at times! Xx

  3. I loved this blogpost, I'm definitely going to try following all of these! X

    1. Aww thanks Hun, I'm going to follow them all too. Life is too short! Xx

  4. Completely agree, especially the negativity. Negativity breeds negativity and it shouldn't be encouraged.

    <a href=">Lauren xxx</a>

    1. Exactly! Love your mindset, it needs to be stamped out xx


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