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Valentines Gift Guide under £50

     2. His & Hers Luggage Tags - £22
3. Heart Lolly - £2

Ahhh that time of year is fast approaching, where you can't move in aisles of Tesco for sparkly, personalised kilner jars and scarlet ribbon adorned bullshit. I've compiled an alternative Gift Guide for those of us not inveigled by the naff charm of the tradition Valentines fare. Valentines day, for me, is less about the showy "My man loves me more than your man loves you because he bought me all this junk" squabbling and more about taking a moment in our busy lives to spend some quality time together, ensuring that your partner knows how loved and appreciated they are

Having said that I do think gifts are nice as a TOKEN of this appreciation and when it comes to gifts, usually its the more original and personal gifts that win out over the pricey items. I would love to smugly announce that when Dan turns to me, usually around February 7th and says "What shall I get you for Valentines day?" I reply with "Nothing at all my darling, having you in my life is gift enough" before dancing off into the sunset hand in hand to go and live happily on Smug Island. But no. Usually I just want that nice face cream I haven't quite brought myself to splurge on or some pretty jewellery I've been eyeing since November. Therefore I have compiled a few gift lists so we have some varied but considered suggestions when confronted with the question. Mostly so we don't just say "Ummmmm I don't know surprise me?" and end up with tickets to half a day of paint-balling (again)

This post is the first of five Gift Guides I'll be posting in the run up to "V-Day" and each one will cover a different budget. By all means feel free to print off the guide that applies to your mans budget and staple it to his head.  Saving for something? This "Under £50" Guide is for you. Has he been badly behaved? You'll be needing the £300+ list

I'll be posting a list for every conceivable budgets covering a wide range of quirky and innovative beauty, fashion and confectionary items. Thus ensuring that you don't end up with the same old tired bunch of red roses and box of Milk Tray... or paint-balling

Lots of love and little red hearts

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  1. I don't really do Valentine's Day with my partner and if we do decide to do it then it's more getting each other gifts we can't be bothered to buy ourselves. Although you can't beat chocolate! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue


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