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Sh*t women think about

How many more days can I get away with dry shampoo? 4 seems like a lot

Why is my forehead so big?

Why did I wear this sleeveless top when I haven't shaved my armpits for 3 days

Razors are expensive

I hate being single. I hate Tinder

I wish I was single so I could play on Tinder

I could buy 4 lipsticks for the same amount I spent on this one lipstick

I can't believe my selfie is still on 7 likes. My self esteem hurts

Fuck. I forgot to selfie and now it's raining. Opportunity to project my hotness missed

Wine is fruit

Do I have VPL?

These heels are so uncomfortable, I hope I don't look like I've shit myself walking in them

Why does fake tan always fuck up on my hands, now I'll have to wear gloves. In June

Oh god, why are bandage dresses back again? I like cake

I could be at home with my pet right now

Can you even see leg hair through tights?

I'm going to have Muesli for Breakfast and Salad for lunch. So I can have a Big Mac for supper with a tub of Ben and Jerrys and a bottle of Pinot Grigio

I could totally win X Factor

I'll clean my handbag out tomorrow I swear

That guy is totally checking me out

Coffee is actually disgusting when you think about it, warm bitter goodness

I am 100% putting all those clothes and shoes on ebay and Depop this weekend. I will not forget like the last 27 weekends

I can't be bothered to put make-up on today. But if I don't put make-up on I will 100% run into that cute guy I like/that girl I loathe/my ex

Urgh look at her VPL, BUY A THONG WOMAN

If I don't eat until friday will the zip do up on my dress for the party?

Maybe I should buy laxatives

Maybe not

If I don't eat until friday I can afford those shoes I like on Net-A-Porter?

I'm scared my tampon fall out when I sneeze?

I'll go to the gym tomorrow I swear *Snoozes Alarm

I forgot to put perfume on. I MUST stink of absolute poo

Why did that outfit not look like that on me?

I'm going to screenshot this girls make-up so I can do it on myself at the weekend. Badly

I will wear this (totally OTT niche item) so much, so worth the money

Magazines are so expensive. "I'll take these 4 please"

Is it too early for wine?

When is wine?


  1. Hahahaha!!! What a great post, I giggled all the way through this and most of them I was like "yeah that's true" "I think that".. love it!! xx

    1. Such a funny one to write! Glad I'm not the only one to think these things! Xx

  2. LOL. I actually did a big LOL at this post. The one wanting to be at home with your pet is definitely me. Who needs to socialise when you have a fluffy dog at home waiting for you?

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. I literally never want to leave my cat (and my PJs and bed and Netflix) winning combo right there 🙌🏼 xx


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