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Packing a handbag in a hurry

I'm so often rushing.  Rushing to an appointment, rushing home again. Rushing towards the smell of fresh coffee or a shiny red "sale" sign." My bags are often packed in a chaotic fashion, crowded with books and brimming with pens and pencils but void of the essentials. Whatever happens to be adorning my dressing table that morning is swept into my chosen vessel before I dash out of the door and into the day. At some point I'll want to top up my nude lipstick and realise I instead threw in a shocking red, I'll want to brush my hair but find myself unable to locate my comb, I'll drink too much coffee and have to rush into a shop to pick up replacements mints for the ones I left sitting on the bookshelf

I devised this list, a checklist to ensure I can remain prepared for almost any situation and I want to share it with you. Here are my suggestions for things to jostle for space alongside your wallet and keys

Whatever brand you favour, there are fewer worse first impressions than bad breath or a weak handshake. It helps to keep them in a pretty pillbox too

I keep a small sample spray bottle in every bag I own. Perfume has no longevity on my skin and regular top-ups are an absolute necessity

Volumizing Hair Powder 
I'm a terrible hair-fiddler (as any of you who watch my Youtube Videos will know) I'll leave the house with it looking sleek and full of body but 20 minutes later it's flat under my wandering hands. A dash of hair powder at the roots, on finger tips usually revives it in a flash

Regardless of the time of year, sunglasses are a necessity. I instantly feel better when I have a pair on, they make a great impromptu disguise if you run into someone you hate and they alleviate the symptoms of a sudden headache, probably triggered by that person

ABH Brow Wizz
The easiest brow product to apply on the go. I use the brush to tidy stray brow hairs through the day and to transform a natural brow into a sculptured masterpiece between afternoon meetings and evening drinks with friends

Ditto the above. Daytime to evening transition tools are a must. Who would want to have to turn down dinner and drinks? Not I. Ensure you apply it in good lighting though, bad blusher is a No

 have a lipbalm in my hand at all times. Lip-balms should have pretty packaging and they should be clear so they go with any shade of lipstick you're favouring. At the moment I'm using the Chanel Coco Baume

Again, pretty packaging in a must-have. Anything with Rose is a firm favourite. L'Occitane creams in particular 

I'll cry at anything and frequently do. They're essential for lipstick blotting and for surreptitiously mopping up spills if you're prone to clumsiness, which I am and if you're prone to scribbling down your number for cute guys, which I'm not

A Safety pin 
For rips and the day your favourite bra gives up the ghost

A plaster 
For accidents and blisters from those fabulous shoes

A Tampon
Because it only ever happens when you don't have one to hand

Hair Bobbies 
So you can change up your look with a pretty "updo" on a particularly busy and arduous day


I hope this list helps, if you ever see a girl crying in the loo offer her a squirt of your perfume or one of yours peppermints. She might just have forgotten to check her list before she left the house, she might just be me

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  1. Brilliant list! I feel like I've very often been that girl in the loos - haha! Completely on board with the pretty packaging of lip balms and hand creams - it makes them so much more pleaseurable to use (plus I feel fancy).

    Becky xo


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