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How to shop online and save money

I buy pretty much everything online these days. Going into town usually involves 3 to 4 coffee stops, an hour reading blurbs in Waterstones, several hours working my way round the make-up counters gossiping with the sales ladies and a detour into a cake shop. Not the most efficient shopping style. Therefore I tend to get the essentials and by essentials I mean CLOTHES and COSMETICS via my laptop, in my PJs, cradling a glass of wine. Here are my tips for saving money when shopping online

Instagram Codes

Before I buy something from a brand I check out their tagged photos section on Instagram to see whether any of their promoters have tagged them in a photo and put a money off code in the photo description. Nine times out of 10 you'll find the magic words "Get 20% off with my code" or "Free shipping for my followers"

Depop & eBay

Wearing and outfit once before discarding it entirely used to be a celebrity habit but sadly I've noticed it becoming more and more commonplace in our instant-gratification society. On the plus side this means that sites like Depop and eBay are filled with new season bargains, often barely or never worn. You can easily find the same items currently on sale in the shops for a fraction of the price on these sites. Gone are the days of the jumble horror sale sites

Think Global

I buy a lot of my clothes from Australia. This sounds expensive, "The Shipping!" I hear you cry... but actually a lot of Australian sites will ship Worldwide for free on orders over $75 Australian dollars (£45) Also their winter season is our summer season meaning that all their summer clothes are on sale during our summer and vice versa. Its well worth checking out my favourite sites: ILoveShowPo  and SaboSkirt 

Mailing Lists

Make sure you sign up to brands mailing lists, they'll usually send first time customers a 5% or 10% Discount and as annoying as their constant emails can be, sometimes it's worth it to get first dibs on the sale items. Sign up with your partner or friends email address to get another introductory discount if you've already used yours. Cheeky

Happy Shopping!


  1. Oooh! I never thought about checking Insta! Good tip

  2. will definitely start checking instagram before buying anything online haha x


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