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Corkys Raspberry Schnapps Cocktail Recipes

I am thrilled to once again be working with fabulous people at Corkys to create some pink themed cocktails in association with their fabulous new competition where you could win a Hen Party worth up to £1000

It's been a little while since I shared some cocktail recipes with you guys so I thought I'd get something fabulous lined up for just in time for the weekend. Getting creative with the cocktail shaker is a passion of mine, cocktails are all about having fun and thinking outside of the box. I don't think any concept is too mad when its comes to cocktails so I'm going to share three of my zaniest concoctions with you all

Pink Mojito

2 Shots of Corkys Raspberry Schnapps
1 Shot of White Rum
200ml of Soda Water
A handful of frozen or fresh Raspberries
1 sprig of fresh Mint
1 Lime
Ice Cubes

This is the classic Mojito recipe given a fruity makeover. Fill a glass with ice and add the lime slices, raspberries and mint sprigs. Throw the Raspberry Shnapps, White Rum, mint and more ice into a shaker and SHAKE IT LIKE A POLAROID PICTURE! Strain the contents into your glass before squeezing in lime juice and topping that baby up with soda water. Some traditional Mojito recipes call for Gomme - A sugar syrup, but Corky's Raspberry Schnapps adds just the right hit of sweetness to compliment the sharp lime and mint tang. I also popped one of the cocktail mixer sticks we had made for our engagement party in for a personal touch, Aww! 


Raspberry Ripple

2 Shots of Corky's Raspberry Schnapps
200ml Coconut Milk
Ice Cubes
1 Scoop of Vanilla Ice cream
Whipped Cream
1 Shot of Raspberry Syrup
Pink Donut

This Cocktail is not for the faint hearted, it is a full-blown sugar fest. It's the kind of thing you want to wow your friends with at a girly sleepover while you watch something with eye-candy in and wait for your facemasks to set. Throw the Coconut milk, Ice cream and Schnapps into a blender with a couple of ice cubes and whizz until smooth. Pour the mixture into a oh-so-fashionable Kilner jar glass, top with whipped cream and drizzle on the raspberry syrup. Top off your creation with a pretty pink donut and decorate with assorted sweeties for the ultimate adult sweet-shop experience 



1 Shot of Corkys Raspberry Schnapps
250ml of Lemonade
Edible Flowers

If you don't feel confident about the whole mixology thing then this is just the recipe for you. It's easy as pie because it's essentially just the Schnapps and a mixer, the wow factor comes in the form of these beautiful edible flower ice cubes. I got my edible flowers from my local farm shop but I know Waitrose stocks them as a seasonal product. I half filled the ice cube trays and popped my flowers in before freezing them and topping up the other half of the cubes a few hours later. Doing it this way ensure that the flowers are suspended prettily in the centre of each cube

Pop your work-of-art ice cubes into a glass and add a shot of Raspberry Schnapps before topping up with lemonade. Pink fizz, flowers and the sparkle of edible glitter makes this the prettiest cocktail you ever did see and it's perfect for a party 


I hope you enjoy the recipes, please tag me on Social Media if you attempt any of them and don't forget to enter the competition to win a Hen Party! Corky's Schnapps is available in a variety of flavours from most supermarkets. Please see the Corky's website for details: 

This post features complimentary products. Please see my Disclaimer for more details


  1. These cocktails look so yummy! I'm currently on a detox but I think I'm definitely going to have to give these a go on a special occasion. Flowerbomb sounds right up my street - I love raspberries and this looks super refreshing.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    1. Those flower cubes were so easy but effective I think they'll be appearing a lot at summer cocktail parties 👌🏼

  2. These look incredible Milly, I adore the photos! I can't decide which one I like the look of more because they all sound super yummy. I'll probably pick the Raspberry Ripple as I mean hellooo... It has a frickin' doughnut on top haha!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Haha! Epic sugar fest! Definitely not one for lent! Oops... I'm so pleased with how the photos came out though xx

  3. These all look sooo good. I love raspberries and raspberry flavoured drinks so I'd definitely be up for trying these! Amazing photos by the way xo

    1. Thank you! So proud of these photos :) I can't decide which is my favourite cocktail!

  4. These look so yummy and i'm not a drinker, love the petal ice cubes x

    1. They're sooo pretty, gonna try with herbs and fruits for the summe too xx


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