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January Wardrobe Updates

The post-festive period is shopping BOOM time

Despite the fact that "Sales" have pretty much become a continuous year-round feature, we still completely lose our heads over the "January Sales." This sale after all is far superior to summer sale, the autumn sale, the black Friday sale, the Easter weekend sale, the bank holiday weekend sale extravaganza even!

I picked up these beautiful grey courts from Miss Selfridge to replace the beaten up worn-to-death cream pair I've been rocking for the last year. These are the comfiest heels I own so it made sense to stick with what I knew when I spotted them in the sale section. These are the kind of heels you need to purchase if you're the dance all night kind of girl I am and they also perk up a casual jeans and T-shirt type outfit without looking too try-hard

I was walking through Urban Outfitters in a touchy mood when my outstretched fingers encountered the baby-soft material of this jumper. It literally felt like cashmere, it was half-price and there was one left in size XS, it was meant to be. I love this turtle-neck paired with some black jeans and white trainers for a casual look, equally I'm keen to style in with a killer pair heels and a red lip. I think this jumper is going to be a staple to see me through to sunny spring months

I didn't really need a new bag but when has that ever stopped me from shopping? I was lying on the sofa one post-Christmas afternoon, stuffed full of leftovers, feigning sleep and surfing the Mango Sale page. Minimalism and Monochrome have become my obsession at the moment so I knew this bag had to be mine. It's just about big enough to hold the pile of miscellaneous books I tend to carry with me everywhere but not so big that I couldn't find my pen or my lipstick in a hurry

Following the minimal theme I also picked up these gold rings in the Mango sale. I'm all for buying rings but I'm never terribly good at remembering to wear them. Even my treasured engagement ring occasionally sits on my trinket plate wondering why it wasn't invited out to play. But having had my nails painted a rather becoming sparkly black I feel like these rings might make more of an appearance as they compliment each other so well

What did you buy in sales? What themes are you seeing emerge from your wardrobe? And for godsake don't point me in the direction of any more bargains, I have a wedding to pay for this year!


  1. So many pretty pictures! I really love that bag so I’m going to have a look online to find one similar x

  2. Those rings are so gorgeous! x

  3. those shoes are stunning!


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