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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

I'm not going to lie. I bought this foundation because of the hype. Internet peer pressure and major make-up FOMO (fear of missing out) Also I was sick to death of all the standard formulas I had stacking up in my cosmetics drawer. Clinique? Nah. Mac? Nope. Dior? Over it. Estee Lauder? Never again. Then I googled my nearest Charlotte Tilbury stockist. 238 miles away. Balls. So I took a massive gamble, guessed my shade and clicked order

The shade that rocked up at my door three days later wasn't actually that far off, it's almost like I know what I'm doing with this beauty malarky. Although I may have to reassess when I've summoned the energy to engage myself in the endless tedious ritual of rubbing fake tan onto my pasty body

It's £29.50 for 30mls, bankruptcy territory if you're used to highstreet brands but pretty standard for the make-up counters. I've come to terms with it, so can you. It blends ridiculously well, covering redness and minor blemishes without that cakey feeling like you've been pied in the face during panto. It doesn't sit in lines or pores too badly and I have grand-canyon sized lines on my five-head so I know what I'm talking about

I am not getting into the "what should I apply my foundation with" debate. Sponge, brush, trowel... I DON'T CARE... I use a sponge though. A beauty blender, but if you don't fancy taking out a second mortgage for one of these any of the above suggestion will do. Just don't use your fingers (retches slightly)

I trailed this foundation for a week  to ensure that it wasn't lulling me into a false sense of security before launching itself into chemical warfare on my skin. My skin is the ultimate litmus test for zit-inducing foundations, I can't even spray perfume on my neck without getting a hideous rash. If anything terrible was going to happen as a result of this foundation then it was going to happen in and around my chin and T-zone

The whole "magic" quality comes from it's formula made up of mushroom extract, Hyluronic "filling spheres" and "Supercharged" Vitamin C. All of which sounds like made up bollocks but culminates to form the most "skin-like" formula I've ever encountered. It's not matte but its not dewy. It's not cakey but it's not watery. It just makes your face look like a better version of your face which is pretty much all I've ever wanted from a foundation ever

The only thing I don't like about this foundation is the yellow tone of the particular shade I chose. The precise reason why I went off the Mac Studio Fix foundations annoying cropped up again with the Charlottle Tilbury formula. But it's nothing a little bit of pink primer couldn't tone down. For such a full coverage formula it actually wears like a BB cream, I didn't feel like I was wearing a gooey mask like I do so often with full coverage candidates, "Umm can I smile in this? Will my disintergrate and my true hideousness by revealed to the world?" That's a really small complaint though and if I'm going to be that bloody picky maybe I should just drive the 238 miles next time and get matched up properly like a real blogger

I took a cheeky selfie to show you what it looks like on. Applied with a beauty blender and and set with translucent loose powder


  1. I love the finish of this foundation!


  2. This foundation looks fabulous on you! I need to try it out since my current ones are doing little to nothing for me - though I have the same no-local-stockist problem!

    Becky xo

  3. ooh that one looks like a nice one!

  4. I have been wanting to try this for a while no, and your review sounds so convincing. I love CT products, they're one of the best out there. I have a counter near me so I will go get matches soon!! :D

    Ayesha xxx

  5. I've never tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury before but this foundation looks incredible. Your skin is fantastic!

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx

  6. Awesome review! I have read just about every review on the internet of this foundation and am yet to hear something bad. It's looking more likely that I'll be taking a trip to my nearest stockist!

    Emily -

  7. I'm just reading this and thinking same, same and same to everything you have said. Like a tool I bought both of the CT foundations without being coloured matched (no counter up here) and guess what the shade is slightly off - srsly FML haha! It looks perfect on you - if my skin looks half as good wearing it as yours does I'll overlook my colour match dilemma! x

  8. It looks lovely! I'm stuck between getting this foundation or the makeup forever HD next. Need to try them both! X

  9. This is on my wishlist, I'm literally just SO excited to try it. The finish looks incredible on you girl!


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