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A weekend in Wonderland at The Glazebrook House Hotel

This weekend I was lucky enough to be treated to a romantic break at the luxury boutique hotel Glazebrook House by my fiance. I had high hopes for our destination having heavily researched it online pretty much every day in the run up to our stay and I was not dissapointed

The Hotel is situated on the edge of Dartmoor and features a stunning Alice in Wonderland themed decor throughout, designed by Timothy Oulten. Tartan carpets, chandeliers and huge bird skeletons, statues and taxidermy pieces make the hotel a truly enchanting place to explore. Everywhere you turn there's something to look at, a wall decorated entirely in fine china, a stuffed flamingo, a stairwell filled with vintage snare drums - The place is a delight for the senses

Photo Credit: The Guardian Newspaper

The hotel features nine guest rooms all named after characters in Lewis Carols classic books Alice's adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass from "Mad Hatter" to "Jabberwocky" and "White Rabbit" all featuring pieces from Timothy Oultens ground breaking collection of furniture which pushes the boundaries of both traditional and contemporary furniture design

We were shown to our Luxury Double bedroom by the friendly reception lady and quickly availed ourselves of the free mini-bar which featured jubilee crockery and a selection of truffles labelled "Eat Me" in a nod to Alice's capers in the original story. After a quick change and having taken several hundred photos of the immaculate monochrome tiled bathroom we headed for the bar. The bar itself is made entirely out of red marble whilst the grey paneled room replicates a luxurious gentleman's club. As i sipped my espresso martini, arguable one of the better ones I've ever consumed, I noticed that the entire bar area was being beadily watched over by a huge mounted and stuffed peacock

Feeling thoroughly relaxed we then headed back to our room for a romantic joint bubble-bath, a bath that size really does call for multiple occupants, before donning our toweling robes and getting ourselves ready for dinner in the restaurant. The restaurant itself continued the theme of old world charm, solid wooden tables and walls adorned with blue and white plates, silver trays and huge mirrors made for an eccentric yet oddly comforting environment which elevated the excitement surrounding the food. Michelin starred chef and Masterchef The Professionals winner Anton Piotrowski and his team serve up an exciting and locally sourced menu and extensively researched, accompanying wine selection. Anton, in fact is the chef who will be cooking our wedding breakfast at his own restaurant the Treby Arms in October so the menu held even more special significance for Dan and I. The food of course did not disappoint, after a selection of artisan breads and burnt leek butter I tucked into the softest Ox cheek Ravioli whilst Dan selected the Sirloin Steak and Chips. This was followed by Arctic Roll for me, creamy ice cream and cake with sour apple sorbet, Calvados soaked apple pieces and toffee sauce whilst Dan tucked into the classically simple Treacle Tart which was given the Anton treatment with tiny meringues and sour lemon coulis. We left not only with full tummies but with a sparkle in our eyes at the faultless magic of it all

After that it was time to retire to our sumptuous room, laying under the tiny Victorian dollhouses that decorated the wall above our bed and whose little windows lit up at the flick of a switch as though triggered by tiny occupants. The only thing that got me out of the comfiest bed I've ever slept in the next morning were the enticing smells of breakfast wafting up from downstairs. A selection of pastries and toasts were again served in the quirky dining room and followed by a smoked salmon blini for me and bacon and pancakes for Dan. Dans pancakes had once again been bested by the famous Rocksalt conterparts but they were delicious all the same

With check-out not scheduled until 11am we explored the hotel, taking in every fine details and charmingly eccentric feature. The conference room complete with chandelier and fur seating, the 7 foot fountain pen in reception, the beautiful looking glass exhibit by the loos which featured magnified images of Alice's adventure through Wonderland. Entomology collections (a hobby of my own) decorated the walls of one room whilst another was occupied by the imposing presence of a cigar smoking Winston Churchill sculpture. Everywhere you looked there were a catalog of curiosities to be explored. We also had a lovely chat with owner Pieter Hamman, who took the time to explain the story behind some of the bespoke furniture and fixtures, making us feel truly valued and enchanting us with his infectious enthusiasm for all things quirky

It's safe to say that I completely and utterly fell head over heels in love and down the rabbit hole for the Glazebrook House Hotel and every one of its whimsical details and I cannot thank my amazing fiance enough for treating us to a magical night here. You could visit a hundred times and still notice something new, some small but charming detail which you had previously overlooked and I couldn't recommend it more for a romantic break, a birthday treat or a special occasion. So much so that we've decided to book a room for our Wedding night back at the hotel, a fittingly magical end to a magical day

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  1. It looks nothing short of gorgeous! I hope you had a lovely stay, although for how pretty the hotel is I'm sure you did! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. Wow, this place looks amazing! Hope you had a lovely time. x


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