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My Favourite Instagrammers

As a very visual person Instagram has remained my absolute favourite social media platform since it was launched 5 years ago. As soon as I see a blog post about “How to improve your Instagram,” “Tips for Instagram” and “My Favourite Instagrammers” I immediately click, eager to improve upon and expand my skills in the world of social media marketing

Annoyingly most of these “tips and tricks” are either glaringly obvious or merely regurgitated from one of the 700 identical posts about engagement, themes, posting times and the use of relevant hash-tags. I even wrote one myself covering the exact same themes… two years ago… Click to read. Equally maddening is opening a “my favourite Instagrammers” posts to seeing the same 5 big names I always see on every single post of this nature. The ones who in reality will have appointed a highly trained, highly skilled social media manager to manage their little squares anyway. The question I keep asking myself is
 "Where are all the hidden gems?" 

Are the accounts with 2000 followers therefore less visually engaging than someone with 356K followers? Does having a big blue tick next to your name render you more creative than someone who only joined “The Gram” last month? Does brand endorsement and big shiny event photos make you more worthy of my attention than someone with genuine photographic talent?

People these day tend to use Instagram or indeed any social media platform as a news reel, scrolling through and catching up with the lives of people around the globe before embarking upon their own day. Managing the type of images and attitudes you expose yourself to is key to maintaining a positive mental attitude. If you scroll through a load of pictures of unachievable photoshopped beauty, hate quotes, nasty memes and bitter attacks each morning before you start your day what sort of environment are you creating for your mindset? 

Discovering beautiful engaging Instagram accounts allows me to feel uplifted as I stare groggily into my phone over my first coffee of the day. It provides a smooth transition from sleep as I attempt to rouse myself back into the real world. I love finding fellow photography enthusiasts to share inspiration with or seeing cool crisp white images pop up on my feed, lifting and calming my spirit. Sometimes a profound quote will stay with me all day, changing the way in which I choose to approach situations or a beautiful #OOTD snap provides inspiration for my own attire. Instagram can be such a positive and inspiring place if you choose to make it that way

So I decided to appeal to my fellow Insta-fanatics to let me showcase their accounts in this post. The response was fairly overwhelming, mirroring my frustration at fame over flair.  So much so that I’ve decided to run a monthly feature on my favourite Instagrammers - The hidden gems that light up my screen with their innovative and visually engaging  feeds

Here are my favourite Instagrammers for November and the reasons why I love them


I was first attracted to PhasesofRobyn for her stunning visual theme but I also quickly came to admire how engaged she is with her followers. Comments don't go unnoticed or compliments unthanked and having subsequently chatted to the beautiful lady in question via twitter I can also confirm that she is an absolute sweetheart and genuinely caring blogger who always takes the same thoughtful and creative approach to engaging in the community as she does to creating original and appealing imagery on her Instagram


I'd been following Lauren for a while, drooling over her incredible baking skills and enviable wardrobe when I came across a recent post she wrote about the story behind some of her Instagram posts. It's pretty obvious from her account that this gorgeous girl has some SERIOUS photographic talent and food-styling finesse but what makes her skills even more incredible is that Lauren suffers with ME, something which she is refreshingly honest about. Her posts are visually uplifting and her continued support of her fellow sufferers is dedicated and heartfelt. Laurens honesty inspired my recent post "Instagram vs. Real Life" and I'll forever be grateful to her for giving me the confidence to show the real life behind the Instagram mask. The world needs more girls like Lauren, beautiful inside and out 


JoeyLondonStyle is someone I've been following since I started blogging 2 year ago, male fashion bloggers have become more common over the past 12 months but during that time he was one of the few braving the female dominated world. Joey always puts together beautifully thought out ensembles, from casual street style to edgy fashion-forward statement wear. Coupling his natural style flair with creative and thought-provoking photography sets Joey apart from the crowd as the male fashion blogger community continues to flourish and grow. Boy Power! 


I have a love/hate realtionship with Sinead. I love everything that she posts and immediately start wish-listing and buying everything that pops up on her account, leaving me rather poor - the hate part. But in all seriousness this girl has amazing style, it's fun and relatable and you don't have to majorly fashion focused to recreate her beautifully simple but chic outfits. Sineads photos have the same charmingly effortless finesse as her styling, providing inspiration on the days where I'm sitting in a pile of clothes scratching my head about what to wear and helping me to hunt down the highstreet essentials


I'm being somewhat biased here but if you only knew the relative fashion "blackhole" fellow Plymouth fashion blogger Beth and I reside in then you'd understand just how groundbreaking her talents really are. Beth has a fantastic sense of style as well an inspiringly creative and driven approach to blogging and this shows in her Instagram posts. They are all the stuff of fashion dreams and make-up goals. Whether its trainers and jeans or masterpiece dresses of sheer fabric Beth always manages to perfectly style and capture imaginative looks as well as providing interesting behind-the-scenes glimpses into her shoots. I predict big things for this girl and her most enviable eyebrows

Could you make the December list?

If you would like to be considered for my Instagrammers of the month feature please add the Hashtag #LookMillyD to your photos and I’ll check you out. All December Instagram features will win a £15 gift voucher, just call me Santa!

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  1. Thank you SO much for including me, you've made my day as I absolutely love your Instagram and blog! And I'm super pleased I inspired you to write your Instagram vs real life post, it's honestly brilliant and really shows how life isn't always as perfect as it was appear on social media! Oh, and you also write all of your blogposts so well, always leaves me feeling entertained- such a pro haha! Xxx


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